Nikka Foroughi Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Creative welcome page
  • Colorful navigation bubbles
  • Animated site elements

Nikka Foroughi’s website is not only a colorful visual treat but also a masterclass on great UI/UX design. As an expert in the field, that’s not much of a surprise!

This website design takes viewers on a step-by-step journey toward getting to know the designer. Upon entry, the site prompts users to scroll through the screen to unravel facts about the designer one by one.

But here’s the thrill of the experience: as facts begin to appear, several colorful bubbles pop up on the screen and bring the main icon, a hummingbird, to life. That’s when users can start “flying together” toward the main page, where they can explore more of the designer’s expertise and portfolio.

On this page, visitors see more colorful items in action: the flying hummingbird, galaxy background, and colorful bubbles that feature the designer’s works. Check out the best welcome page designs here.

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