Artem Pivovarov Beautiful Website Design

Are you in the mood for a musical inspiration that doesn't sound like the tunes you hear every day? If you're hungry for a new sound, you need to set your musical sights on progressive modern artist Artem Pivovarov. He is a jack of all trades, dabbling in musical artistry, instruments, and sound production.

The instant you set your eyes on the home page, you can tell that this young Ukranian artist is leaving his personal mark on the industry he loves. Swinging disco balls and a staticky touch to his portrait set the stage, showing that his content is far from traditional or lifeless.

Although color selection is limited, the few color choices are visually pleasing, and they remain a steady theme across the pages. With a background consisting mainly of dark space, the red and white coloring do well to draw the user’s attention to center focal pieces that stand out.

Artem Pivovarov Beautiful About Page

The interactive menu bars are not complicated by any means; they are very straightforward. Each selection takes you to a specific page instead of having to sort through multiple subpages. Choosing to have all white lettering is a wise decision, considering the negative space is mainly dark and the font is neat and clean; audience members won't have a difficult time reading the content. The combinations of color choices, visual imagery, and lettering styles create a modern and stylish vibe that will make viewers curious to explore everything the site can offer.

Artem Pivovarov Beautiful Portfolio

The music videos that are available to watch on the site run smoothly; there are no glares or choppy movements. They professionally entice viewers to actively seek more of the artist's work, and convenient side buttons allow for effortless transition between the videos. There are also interactive links available to take interested listeners to media platforms like YouTube, providing adaptability for functionality and audience preference.

Artem Pivovarov Beautiful Gallery Page

The most complicated element of the website is the audio library, but it isn’t difficult to figure out. All users have to do is select an album to view the songs. Browsing through it is a painless process. A few buttons allow users to interact with other platforms like iTunes and Google Play. The site's primitive, built-in functions make sharing and discovery simple.

Artem Pivovarov is creating a new way to explore music, and his site design encompasses this ambition with eye-catching visual displays and trouble-free operation!

Artem Pivovarov is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation, Entertainment and Professional Services industries.