NYU Great Website Design

New York University is one of the most well-known colleges in the world and has a diverse range of students, faculty, and just about everything in between. It has a global presence, with campuses across the world and an offering of courses and services to match. To encompass that in a website is a challenge. The homepage of NYU.edu successfully takes a very non-traditional route for the homepage – while remembering to put user experience first.

NYU Great Homepage

A "stream" of content was created to capture this cacophony of information in a dynamic, diverse, and progressive atmosphere. An asymmetrical grid was created to house various types of content - Social, News & Events, Class information, and more with the ability to scroll from either left or right. This creates the 'cacophony' but controls it in an intuitive way. To balance out this non-traditional take on a homepage design, a robust mega menu was created to allow easy access to the interior pages and categories, never forgetting that most visitors – especially returning visitors – need to find information quickly. Check out some of the best university web designs here.

NYU Great Menu Design

The color palette for the site is go purple or go home. Since NYU is one of the more recognizable educational brands in the world, the design leans on usage of a NYU purple in various shades to unbreakably portray the solidarity of the school. This bright, vivid color is balanced out by large usage of white space to create a user-friendly backdrop for important reading. The design of the website is unmistakable as NYU and captures the spirit of a living and breathing campus.

NYU is a best website design in the Education industry.