Rollink's Website Design

Rollink's Web Design Gives Customers a Smooth-Sailing Buying Experience

Rollink’s website design by Digital Silk is a perfect example of a design that immensely understands its target audience.

As a luggage and carrier brand, Rollink aims to provide a fantastic shopping experience to adventurers worldwide with its high-quality luggage options.

They envisioned a website design that showcased their vast luggage collection and could communicate their mission of enhancing experiences through their products.

In addition, they started expanding their markets to Europe and the US, therefore the enhanced need for a streamlined website design for the said markets. The designers did an impressive job of considering those factors and winning the best website design award for Rollink's website.

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Streamlined navigation

Rollink’s Website Design Helps Customers Make an Informed Buying Decision Through a Clear Website Navigation

The visual elements in Rollink’s web design are clean, smooth, and easy to navigate. They are strategically arranged for a seamless user experience.

The brand has a lot of things to offer, but the layout proves that there is nothing to be overwhelmed about with how organized the sections are. You won’t find a misplaced tab anywhere, which is a great plus.

The website design performs as an eCommerce site while promoting the products through a comprehensive content and enticing product shots. The benefits and features of each Rollink luggage are well-placed alongside a rotating image of the product, attracting visitors to interact with it more.

Digital Silk did a fantastic job in turning this section into a small guide for new buyers who might need clarification or guidance with the selections they offer.

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Evocative color palette

The Color Story Excites Active Travelers to Purchase New Luggage at Rollink

Rollink’s website design features a beautiful color story that ignites feelings of wanderlust.

The agency used pastel colors to reflect youthfulness and vigor. It resonates well with the target audience: life hackers and life adventurers. Pastel colors are also used in most luggage designs, so it is a way to keep the brand consistent and secure brand recognition.

Yellow and blue were prominently used in the website design, typical colors for most tropical destinations where the sun and sea live peacefully.

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Conditioning their visitors by exposing them to these colors is a great way to set their minds and moods for traveling. The palette motivates visitors to check the products and purchase them.

In addition, the vivid colors and high-quality photos further reinforce the feeling of hassle-free travel for their customers.

Indeed, color psychology is a powerful asset the designers used in Rollink’s website design, and it worked excellently.

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Rollink (slide 4)

Digital Silk Displays HD Product Shots To Keep Rollink’s Website Design Attractive and Profitable

One significant feature of Rollink’s website design is the excellent use of high-definition images to promote luggage and carriers in the shopping section.

The agency makes online shopping easier and worry-free by providing images of the products on all sides with a zoomable feature. It allows customers to inspect the products as if they're in the store physically.

Indeed, Digital Silk prioritized customer satisfaction in designing this website for Rollink, and it worked amazingly.

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