The New School Educational Website Design Homepage

A new idea… a new purpose… a new school. The New School is a progressive university with a focus on liberal, performing, and design arts that encourages your collaboration with all other students across the arts! It’s a new way of thinking for a new way of life.

The New School brings you something different in education, something you’ve never experienced. As a testament to their university, the website works to bring you a different online experience as well.

The first thing to greet you as you land on the university’s homepage is a beautifully simplistic display of quotes from people who have personally attended or been a part of the New School.

Black and bold font stand out against the crisp white background while the university makes use of red to highlight specific words or phrases as well as the name of the speaker. It’s a highly vivid way to keep your attention on the quotes as they phase from one into another.

As you look to explore the university, the New School brings you an extensive menu to help your journey. The bold, black page titles are listed horizontally. As you decide where you want to go, click a page title and watch the menu expand!

Each page breaks down into a series of subcategories. This expansion contrasts the white background and black font you’re used to by flipping those elements to list out the options you have. It’s a highly useful tool that makes navigation around the website a breeze because you’re readily informed in an easy to read format.

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The New School Best Website Design

Grow comfortable with life at the New School by diving into their campus life page. It’s a fantastic way to get a feel for what the college has to offer in terms of student life. Real life photographs of students on campus line the page, giving a visual insight into the lifestyle.

The bright colors lend a hand to creating a lively atmosphere through the red, white, and black color scheme. Creating diversity on the page, these images alternate their path in coordination with the sipe text. It’s a fun and quirky way to guide your eyes while also lending a hand to helping separate ideas from one another.

The New School brings an exciting visual platform for users to indulge in and learn about their university. Crisp photographs and vibrant red accents add to their friendly user experience.

The New School is a great website design in the Education industry. 

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