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Bears Ears National Monument is a 1.35 million acre preservation in southeastern Utah, and this project from Patagonia was created to help the Bears Ears region. This website is an interactive film powered by Google techonologyusing 360 video and takes the user on a guided tour through Bears Ears National Monument. The project was created to help users take action on defending the National Monument and intends to look after the Earth's health and protecting the culturally rich landscape.

Using stunning photography and videos, the website creates an immersive 360 degree user experience and tells a great story, showing a bit of American history. The National Monument was home to thousands of Native American cultures, and is presently very good for mountain biking, trail running, and climbing, among other activities.

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This site showcases stories, history, and information through videos, photography, and unique perspectives. Each section is broken up into chapters and once you select a chapter you are presented with a story. For example, “1.6: A Water Offering” is narrated by Octavius Seowtewa, who grew up in the area and has an amazing connection with the land. Her story is just one example of interesting content and beautifully shot scenes.

Users can search the area while the story plays. This is an excellent addition to the site, and makes interacting with it fun, engaging, and realistic. If a user pauses the video, he or she will receive additional information pertaining to that specific section of the site.


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Using a full-width approach, the website shows interactive videos that the user can drag and move around to experience a realistic view of the area. The website is very well structured and it creates an interesting experience for the user to explore. The simplicity of the layout is beautiful and the videos have great quality and sound that makes users want to see more in detail. Users also have the ability to pause the video to see the name and small description.

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The bottom right corner of each story (or subpage) is a map icon. When clicked, this icon presents a map of the area with hotspots that contain additional photos, videos, street views, history, and sports and recreational information. This is a really neat way to showcase the area. Plus, this map can be used as an alternative to the main navigation.

Patagonia is a beautiful website design in the Education industry.