6 Best Branded Materials That Elevate Messaging and Overall Brand Image

6 Best Branded Materials That Elevate Messaging and Overall Brand Image
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 06, 2023

It's imperative to maintain similar branding in design, such as online visuals, collaterals, assets and across all platforms in which your brand appears.

You can consistently nurture a connection with your audience and form bonds with a new market through branded materials.

Creating a visual language for your brand also helps you stand out, build customer trust and loyalty and communicate your message more effectively.

We've compiled the best-branded materials in this article to inspire your design process. Discover how these designs present brand identities and what makes them unique!

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1. 99U Conference :: Branding Collateral 2014 by Raewyn Brandon

[Source: Raewyn Brandon]

Standout Features:

  • Streamlined design concept
  • Trustworthy feel
  • Assuring color story

The first on our list of best branding materials is Raewyn Brandon's work for 99U Conference.

Trade conferences are the perfect avenue to showcase your brand identity because many people in the same industry seek partners.

This example nailed it immediately with its contemporary design supported by a unified color story and font choice, giving an overall trustworthy feel. The stripes add more character to the design while maintaining its edgy appeal.

The agency chose blue and black as their primary colors, with white or black text depending on the dominant background. These colors promote security, trust and loyalty -- all essential values a business should represent.

The design concept is also simple and easy to understand. Most companies would show off their services or products in brochures, but the agency went for something different.

A clean and straightforward layout is the new route, allowing viewers to focus on the content more.

This shows they are committed to establishing a branding identity that will last them a long time (Learn more about the stages of building brand identity here).

2. Chatoie by House of Forme

[Source: House of Forme]

Standout Features:

  • Handwritten style typography
  • Metallic color approach
  • Elegant and polished execution

Small businesses such as local patisseries and bakeries often capitalize on the marketing potential of visual identity.

Like these nailing their branding to a T, this example has done just that – and much more.

House of Forme went for a unique handwritten style typography for this one. It has a very personal and inviting feel that encourages customers to come closer and explore the products further.

The colors are also precise as they use metallic tones like silver, gold and copper instead of the typical pastel colors that other patisseries use. It gives the material a sense of elegance and class, which is perfect for this business.

The execution of the brand identity is also top-notch as it incorporates all elements from logos and signage to packaging that truly represents Chatoie's delicate yet sophisticated taste.

The branded materials highlighted the core values of the business and its aim of providing the best quality food and drink to the local neighborhood.

Read more in this post on how important branding is for your business.

It talks about the importance of branding for all businesses, as it can do wonders in propelling your business higher.

3. We killed TV by Gregor Porada

[Source: Gregor Porada]

Standout Features:

  • Sleek font choices
  • Prominent color story
  • No-frills design approach

With social media’s rise and more people’s access to the Internet daily, content creation agencies are now at the forefront of entertainment and information. Digital media agency We Killed TV creates content for its clients, and to stand out from the competition, they partnered with designer Gregor Porada. Together, they made an intelligent font choice that looks modern with its thick edges and no-frills approach. They also used cool tones of black and blue, giving the overall design an edgy yet sophisticated feel.

The colors are prominent in the media and entertainment circles. Various news organizations such as CNN, NBC and many more use these colors as part of their branding identity.

Creating branded materials like these helps businesses connect with their audience and give them a sense of trust in the content they produce.

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[Source: Deal Design]

Standout Features:

  • Prominent logo placement
  • On-trend design concept
  • Watersports-inclined design

Celebrities often use their fame and platforms to promote and endorse various products.

Phelps Brand Ninja Goggles is worthy of being on this list of best-branded materials because of its impact and great design. Named after Olympian Michael Phelps, Deal Design went for a trendy design concept incorporating the celebrity's image with prominent logo placement.

The branding colors were inspired by the watersports industry, which is perfect for this product as it is designed for swimmers and athletes.

The design is simple yet effective, connecting the user, product and celebrity endorser.

This type of branding helps create a sense of trust and credibility with consumers and ensures they will keep buying the product.

5. SushiWok by MUSplix Design

[Source: MUSplix Design]

Standout Features:

  • A warm and rich color palette
  • Use of animated characters
  • Organized design

Food and beverage businesses often highlight their products with visually appealing branding materials.

For this Japanese fusion restaurant, MUSplix Design opted for a warm, rich color palette inspired by Japan's traditional colors.

The design also incorporates animated characters into the branding as they are known to be fun and engaging, which is perfect for capturing consumers' attention.

Since Japan is known as where animation was born, the design company used that to create a unique and distinctive look for the restaurant.

The materials are also neatly organized with callouts, headers, and subheadings, making it easier for customers to read and understand.

Overall, these elements help to create a friendly atmosphere that encourages people to visit the place and try out its delicious food.

6. Alta Mixologia By Olgalid by Luis Garcia

[Source: Luis Garcia]

Standout Features:

  • A harmonious blend of various typefaces
  • Hip and trendy design
  • Excellent brand execution

The following branding material proves that infusing the old and the new would create something you can consider the best of both worlds. Designer Luis Garcia's concept of this trendy spirits brand combines witty and quirky typefaces to create a hip, modern vibe.

It also plays with blacks, reds and yellows, vibrant colors often associated with the craft spirits category.

This branding material is excellently executed, highlighting critical elements in the packaging, such as the logo and products. They even made it a point to use shapes to symbolize mountains, a unique touch.

The brand's overall look is eye-catching, appealing and sure to attract potential customers. It also helps create an identity that people recognize and relate to.

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