The Best Email Marketers In NYC Boost Retention Rates

80% of retailers say that email marketing is the best consumer retention tool they use.

That’s because emails keep your brand in the mind of your consumers — even if they don’t open the email.

But if they do, that’s even better.

The best email marketing and automation companies in New York boost customer retention rates thanks to engaging and comprehensive, targeted email campaigns that keep your audience in the loop.

These emails are informative and enlightening. They appeal on an emotional level and provide your audience with the information they need exactly when they need it — even if they didn’t realize that at the beginning.

The best email marketers in NYC create personalized campaigns that keep your audience coming back for more. These boosted retention rates establish credibility in the market. And they show that you’re a brand worth working with.

It’s one thing to get consumers interested in your brand enough to make an initial inquiry and purchase. But the real value is keeping these consumers close. Retaining consumers shows that your brand is doing something right.

And it shows the competition that they have something they should be worried about.

Top Email & Marketing Automation Companies

Top-Performing Email Marketing & Automation Companies In New York Create Targeted Promotions

Automated messages receive70.5% higher open rates and 152 percent better click-through rates.

The higher your open rates, the better your chances of securing leads and driving conversions.

The best way to drive these number is by creating content that is of actual interest to your audience.

This requires conducting effective market research.

The best email marketing and automation professionals in New York have the tools required to perform this research and gather the insights that help them target your audience more completely.

They can learn more about their interests, demographics and more.

This gives them the ability to create custom campaigns that feel personalized and honest.

More and more consumers want personalized content. They want to feel like a brand cares about them and is reaching out just to them.

This drives engagement. And engagement ultimately drives sales.

When you enlist the help of these top marketing automation companies, you’re effectively putting your audience first.

You’re committing to create captivating, personalized and engaging campaigns that are made with them in mind.

That is essential for extending a memorable and lasting brand identity that keeps you a key player in your industry.

Successful Email Marketing Companies In New York City Create Custom Email Templates

In addition to creating targeted campaigns, the best email automation companies in New York also specialize in creating custom email templates for future promotions and correspondence.

As a business, you likely send out dozens of different emails a week.

You send out newsletters and welcome emails and product announcements and signup emails and emails responding to questions. And these are just the normal, day-to-day expectations.

With all of these emails flying around, you don’t have the time to sit down and type it all out each and every day.

If you did, you’d have no time to get anything else done and that doesn’t sound productive in the least.

That’s why these top email marketers create custom templates. These email templates are created with your brand and your audience in mind. They’re straightforward and informative, with just a touch of personalization to make it feel uniquely yours. This makes it easier to stay connected with your consumers while also giving you the flexibility to work on other projects.

All brands use email templates. It’s a necessity. But there is a way to stand out from the crowd and make yourself known. You can do this by enlisting the help of these top email marketing agencies. They’ll create the templates that go far beyond simple, basic forms that get little to no response.

Explore the agency listing table at the top of the page to find the email marketing and automation firm in New York that’s right for your brand.

New York Email Marketing & Automation Roles And Responsibilities

Digital Marketers

Top-performing email marketing and automation teams employ professional digital marketers.

These experts innately understand the digital marketing landscape.

They can highlight key trends and shift in the market. And they are constantly up to date when it comes to new tools and technologies.

It’s these professionals that make it easier for your emails to make an impression.

And it’s these professionals that build additional digital marketing strategies to work alongside your emails to increase effectiveness.

You can’t just roll out emails and call it a day. You need to make sure these emails are accompanied by an overarching campaign aimed at driving your business growth goals.

The best email automation companies in the USA employ top digital marketing experts to ensure your strategy is far-reaching and complete.

When you hire these professional email marketing teams, you’re getting access to a whole roster of marketing professionals that make it their job to develop complex marketing strategies built with your consumers in mind.

Top Email & Marketing Automation Companies


Copywriters are an essential part of the email marketing team. These are the experts creating the messaging and establishing your brand and your overall goals as far as the emails go.

Copywriters can condense complex concept into a few words or phrases. They create engaging copy. They create the subject lines that draw consumers in.

Copy is extremely important when it comes to email campaigns as you can imagine.

That’s why the best email marketers employ expert copywriters to build these messaging strategies.

And these strategies can then be infused across collateral and campaigns to establish a cohesive digital marketing experience.

Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. Yes, imagery is essential. You need to have a memorable and lasting brand as well in order to turn heads.

But it is that quippy copy at the end of the day that compels people to open those emails.

Admit it, even though you knew it was spam or something irrelevant, you opened up an email because the subject line caught your eye.

I have. We've all been there. That’s the power of these expert copywriters.


32% of marketers consider images to be a necessary form of content marketing that drives engagement.

And emails that include images see a 4% increase in open rates.

Images make an impact. They drive engagement and interactivity. They give your brand an edge and establish a relatability and memorability that is welcomed by your audience.

That’s why top-performing email marketing teams in NYC employ these graphic design professionals.

It’s important that you connect with your audience and convey information as succinctly as possible.

Images, animations and video as are a powerful way to make a statement and establish that relationship.

This creativity is welcomed by audiences. It shows you have a personality and won’t waste time giving your audience something they can’t use.

All of the good emails include images — from banners to playful graphics to videos and beyond. This extra content is necessary to establish a connection between you and your consumer.

Therefore, your email marketing agency partner needs to employ these experts for complete success.

Are you looking for the best email marketing and automation company in NYC for your brand? Check out the agency listing table above.