What Is Unique About Branding Agencies In New York?

Just like any other branding agency out there, branding agencies in New York specialize in helping brands refresh, improve or create their brand image.

They analyze your brand, target market and competition to help you increase brand recognition, gain perceptive competitive advantage and boost your sales.

However, there are several aspects that would differentiate a branding agency in New York from others.

Firstly, the city is the world’s premier center of some of the most popular industries around the globe including:

  • Finance
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare

Secondly, NYC is the economic capital of the world. It has one of the most influential markets and the biggest number of headquartered Fortune 1,000 companies among which:

  • Deloitte
  • Verizon
  • American Express

Thirdly, based on the Kearney 2019 report on the world’s top-performing cities, The Big Apple holds the first place for the most competitive city in the world.

Operating in such a competitive environment, branding agencies in New York City are always on top of the latest technologies and tools that help them deliver high-quality projects.

They have a deep understanding of the most-popular industries in the world and can deliver internationally competitive services that foster business growth.

What Do Branding Agencies In New York City Do?

Branding agencies in New York City specialize in creating and launching brands.

They offer standard branding services including:

  • Doing market research and conducting competition analysis
  • Planning and managing branding strategies for clients
  • Working on visual identity and developing a brand image
  • Establishing brand positioning
  • Promoting brands by doing online and offline advertising
  • And more

Research shows that 60% of loyal clients will make frequent purchases from a brand they trust.

With their sophisticated branding services, NYC agencies can improve your brand’s reputation, gaining not only new customers but retaining the old.

While most NYC agencies work with clients of all sizes, working with large corporations and helping growing businesses achieve international recognition remains their strong suit.

NYC skyline
60% of loyal clients will make frequent purchases from a brand they trust

How Do Branding Agencies In New York Determine Branding Success?

Here are the top three metrics that branding agencies in New York track to determine the success of your branding project:

Website Traffic

Branding agencies in New York understand the intricacies of driving that traffic — and this comes from a completely different angle than maybe you’ve ever thought about.

Instead of focusing solely on the digital marketing aspects of web traffic, these branding agencies look at the big picture. They examine how your brand compares to the competition in look, feel and personality.

They assess your target audience, learn what features resonate with them, and determine what the best ways to reach them are through design and messaging.

Then, they integrate these actionable insights into your website design and marketing collateral to capture the demographic you’re striving towards.

In fact, website traffic is a huge key performance indicator (KPI) that brands are looking to increase. And they’re imperative because these interactions turn to leads, which inevitably become conversions.

So, the more people click on your website, the more people will ultimately interact and make a purchase. Now that’s a win-win.

Audience Engagement

According to Jeremiah Gardner, engagement is when consumers actively respond to an interaction with a brand.

Whether it is in the form of giving their email addresses, sharing a social post or providing their opinion, every single interaction counts.

Engagement is when businesses develop a deeper relationship with their audience. It is a connection that is crafted and nurtured by the brand.

However, these relationships need to be maintained so that they grow further.

A leading branding agency in NYC will ensure better brand performance through active engagement and customer retention.

Revenue & Customer Acquisition

For 75% of companies, closing more deals is their top sales priority.(HubSpot)

Leading branding agencies in NYC understand how a brand identity influences what a consumer thinks about a company and how likely they are to complete a purchase.

They understand the client’s journey and the research involved in getting them to the point of conversion.

Of course, it is partly up to the salesperson or digital marketing efforts. However, part of that closed sale also relies on brand visibility and communication that comes before that.

Clients need to trust a brand in order to commit to it, and that requires a comprehensive and cohesive visual presence that gives them all the information they need in a digestible manner.

This is achievable through an online presence that is fully-functioning, comprehensive and clear. In addition, brands should focus on fostering positive experiences and perceptions to ensure all word of mouth marketing is helpful, too.

Partnering with a professional branding agency in New York City can improve your credibility, making it easier to convert consumers.

Your audience wants to feel like they can trust your brand and your products. Otherwise, they won’t follow through with a purchase, which will negatively impact your bottom line.

Luckily, top branding agencies in New York City put your business credibility first.

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How Does A Top-Rated Branding Agency In New York City Solidify Your Place In A Competitive Market?

These are the key steps that branding agencies in New York City take to strengthen your brand presence and help you outperform your competition: 

They Implement Cohesive Marketing Strategies

Branding companies in NYC aren’t just in the business of slapping a new logo onto your website and calling it a day.

Instead, they lay down the framework for all future endeavors including marketing and best advertising strategies by setting up the identity that will take your brand into the future.

Research shows that presenting a brand across all platforms consistently increases revenue by 23%.

So, the new identity that these agencies will create should be optimized for all business avenues. That includes your marketing efforts.

Branding agencies in New York City create a host of collateral for your brand when they complete a project. They aren’t just giving one item and telling you to run with it.

They are teaching you how to infuse not just these pieces of visual content, but also specific messaging and personalities into all areas of your business to ensure your audience is getting a consistent and positive experience across the board.

Your marketing efforts are included in that, and these agencies can help you develop the strategies that will increase traffic and drive sales.

Top branding firms in NYC offer comprehensive services that not only give you a memorable visual identity but create a cohesive experience for your consumers.

This consistent branding is included in marketing efforts, increases brand awareness and increases traffic to your website, storefront and social media channels.

They Have Access To Premium Tools That Help Them Stay On Top Of Trends And Adapt Strategies For Success

Trends in design and marketing are always on the move. For example, what works on a website today might not work on a website next year.

Similarly, your logo might seem chic and cool now but in a year it could look boring, obtuse or out-of-touch.

Essentially, the market is always changing and you need a branding agency in New York City that is ready to tackle the changing market and provide you with the initiatives, materials and strategies fit for modern business and an evolving world.

That’s where their premium tools come in. These leading agencies have access to innovative and robust resources that enable them to track the competitive landscape and watch for growing trends.

They come equipped with the appropriate tools and services that can track audience engagement, manage marketing campaigns and do competitive research.

Plus, they understand how these tools work and can interpret them in a way that gives you actionable insights and methods for change.

The insights provided by these agencies shape the content and collateral for various marketing campaigns, too, such as social media marketing initiatives and email marketing campaigns.

They also help them better pinpoint specific qualities your audience is looking for. This allows them to focus on your branding and make it more direct and impactful.

They Establish Market Credibility

Credibility matters, and it’s easily lost.

But leading branding agencies in New York can help you get it back, however.

Through a series of dedicated marketing, design and development strategies, top branding agencies in New York can have your brand back in the good graces of your audience -- or ensure you stay there -- in no time.

They understand the importance of transparency and infusing personality into your brand — something your business could be lacking.

Because a brand identity helps consumers connect with businesses on a more intimate level, enlisting the help of a branding expert can foster an authentic relationship between you and your customers.

Plus, the best brand specialists also know what imagery and messaging resonate best with your audience.

For instance, they know that millennial audiences respond to social action, transparent business ethics and minimalistic designs -- and they know how to appeal to that.

Ultimately, they infuse their experience, creativity and passion into their projects to increase credibility and establish your place in the market.

A branding agency in NYC working on a project
The average wage of an NYC-based branding specialist is $65,369

How Much Do Branding Agencies In New York Charge For Their Services?

According to PayScale, the average wage of an NYC-based branding specialist is $65,369.

This is important to know because the wages of these experts dictate the amount of money you need to pay for your branding project.

The most common billing structures among these brand specialists are per hour and per project.

The cost per project primarily depends on:

  • The type of services you need
  • The amount of work it needs to be done
  • The timeframe of the project
  • The number of specialists who work on the project

The average cost per hour ranges between $125 and $200.

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Why Hire A Branding Agency In New York City?

Top branding agencies in New York City are rooted within technology, savvy design and sleek strategies, ultimately transforming the way audiences view and engage with brands and companies.

With a population of 8.5 million, New York City is not just a business hub, but a creative branding gateway.

Here is why you should consider hiring an NYC-based branding firm:

  • Taking advantage of their experience in the global leading industries: The city’s huge influence on the local and global fashion, finance and publishing has shaped the NYC-based branding agencies into experts in these areas and in a lot more.
  • Reaching the local audience: To get to your NYC-based audience you should partner with a firm that deeply understands your market, competition and local ecosystem. This is what makes the local brand specialists the best choice.
  • Surpassing competition: Brand specialists in New York have access to premium tools and the latest technologies. These are of key importance in tracking the competitive landscape and watching for growing trends. They can help your partner take various initiatives, strengthen your presence on the market and push you ahead of your competition.

Everything in terms of business and branding agencies tends to be focused in Manhattan, which is minute in comparison to the size of the Big Apple itself.

Having said that, it’s also the perfect place to network and build up a repertoire.

They are innovative with new ideas and concepts, resulting in a positive outcome for your company in terms of return on investment (ROI).

How To Choose The Best Branding Agency In New York City For Your Business

Before you start your search for the best branding agency in New York City, you should identify your goals.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve by hiring brand specialists and also think about your requirements.

Matching your criteria with a top NYC branding agency’s skill set and expertise will help you make a better choice and will ensure the success of your project. That’s why DesignRush list down the top branding companies in New York based on a stringent agency selection criteria, which consider the following factors:

  • Areas of focus
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Access to top talent
  • Quality of work
  • Client testimonials
  • And more

Here are a few more factors that can help you determine which company can be the right partner for your business:

  • Reviews: Past customers’ reviews will tell you how trustworthy these companies are and what possible results they may deliver to you. They speak volumes about their flexibility and transparency in terms of planning projects and pricing.
  • Portfolios: Portfolios will give you an insight into these companies’ past work and their ability to deliver creative work and successful projects. They will help you measure the quality of their services and discover their experience on the types of projects and clients.
  • Process: Successful branding projects come as a result of thorough research, implementing custom stories and selecting the right channels. The brand specialists you hire should have a clearly designed process that will ensure strong positioning and return on investment.

Takeaways: Should You Consider The Best Branding Agencies In New York?

Being home to some of the most popular brands around the world, the Big Apple is a global hub of finance, retail, fashion and publishing.

Thriving in this highly competitive environment, New York-based agencies tend to develop domain expertise in the said industries and usually, they serve:

  • Large enterprises
  • Internationally competitive businesses
  • Well-funded startups

If you have your eyes set on the highly competitive local or global markets, New York agencies are your best choice.

To find the right partner:

  • Read their reviews
  • Go through their past work
  • Learn about their branding process

Best of luck!


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