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2500 Regency Parkway #118, Cary, North Carolina 27518, United States

Arkenea Overview

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Arkenea Inc. is a specialized healthcare software development company with 13 years of experience in the field. They offer custom healthcare software development services tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations and HealthTech startups. With a strong focus on the healthcare industry, Arkenea excels in developing solutions such as electronic health records (EHR) systems, hospital management software, and telemedicine platforms.

Key features of Arkenea's healthcare software development services include:

Legacy of Expertise: With a history dating back to 2011, Arkenea has a dedicated team of experts proficient in healthcare software development.
Deep Domain Knowledge: Arkenea's team possesses extensive domain knowledge of the healthcare industry, ensuring that their software solutions address industry-specific challenges and comply with regulations.
Cutting-Edge Technology: They stay at the forefront of healthcare technology trends, including AI, machine learning, and blockchain, to create innovative software that enhances efficiency and patient outcomes.
Agile Development: Arkenea follows an Agile methodology, enabling scalable development and ensuring HIPAA compliance and other regulatory requirements.
Interoperability: They understand the need for software integration in the healthcare sector and prioritize interoperability with existing medical software.
Data Security and Compliance: Arkenea places a strong emphasis on data security and compliance, adhering to the highest standards to protect patient data and comply with HIPAA and other regulations.
Accelerated Time to Market: They adopt an MVP-first approach to speed up development and minimize costs while ensuring a shorter time to market.
User-Centric Design: Arkenea focuses on creating user-friendly interfaces that simplify processes and enhance user satisfaction.
2500 Regency Parkway #118, Cary, North Carolina 27518, United States
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144 Stuart St., Charleston, South Carolina 29403, United States

Areas of Expertise

  • AI Expertise
  • Custom Frameworks
  • IT Services Expertise
  • Mobile App Expertise
  • Mobile App Technology
  • Software Development Expertise
  • Web Design Expertise
AI Expertise
AI Expertise
  • Machine Learning
Custom Frameworks
Custom Frameworks
  • Python Django
IT Services Expertise
IT Services Expertise
  • AWS
Mobile App Expertise
Mobile App Expertise
  • iPhone
Mobile App Technology
Mobile App Technology
  • Flutter
Software Development Expertise
Software Development Expertise
  • Biotech
  • Performance Testing
Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
  • B2B


  • Health Care

Client Types

  • Small Businesses

Arkenea Portfolio

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Arkenea Clients

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