What Makes Boston Web Design Companies Unique?

Similarly to other agencies in the world, Boston web design companies create custom websites that meet the unique needs of their clients.

However, there are some qualities that differentiate Boston-based designers from their peers in other US cities.

On the one hand, the city has a low unemployment rate and job growth of 4.3%. On the other hand, its cost of living is 23.8% lower than NYC.

This is why Boston attracts and employs some of the finest web designers in the world who offer high-quality services at affordable rates.

In addition, Massachusetts has one of the healthiest economies in the US where the tech sector is thriving. In fact, 13.2% of Boston’s workforce are tech professionals.

Other major industries that the local web designers serve are:

  • Education
  • Biotechnology
  • Tourism
  • Financial services

With its booming tech industry and proximity to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the web design companies in Boston have a lot to benefit from.

View of Boston’s business and technology district​
13.2% of Boston’s professionals are working in tech

What Do Web Design Agencies In Boston, MA Do?

Web design companies in Boston offer a range of services. However, their ultimate goal is to deliver high-performing websites that engage and convert visitors.

Here are some of the tasks that they perform:

1. They Offer Extensive Web Design Services

The best web design agency in Boston offers cutting-edge services that are comprehensive and extensive

These companies wear many hats and can accomplish a host of goals. These range from website development to analytics, maintenance and website branding.

They are experienced and savvy when it comes to the world of design and how it impacts business. So, you can be sure their services will drive growth, encourage conversions and increase your presence in the global digital sphere.

Boston web design companies don’t just create websites. They create destinations where consumers can learn about who you are as a business and how you can best help them.

These websites are part of your visual identity and can help align your brand as a business leader. In addition, a professional custom website also establishes full-functioning brand identity and increases website exposure through SEO and messaging.

A top web design agency in Boston has a knack for helping your brand establish a solid foundation for growth and success.

Rest assured that the right partner agency for your business will create an effective digital design and a strategy for brand growth that far surpasses simple web design and development.

2. They Build Successful Digital Strategies

Top Boston web design companies perform a number of tasks and help create a well-rounded identity for your brand online.

They piece together all the key aspects of a winning design in an achievable format that allows them to hit structured, targeted goals throughout the entire process.

A web design establishes a foundation that your brand can leverage when it comes time for other initiatives like digital marketing and social media marketing strategies.

These Boston companies are strategic in their approach and analytical in their follow-through. They have a system in place for creating, maintaining and updating websites to follow the trends in the digital world.

They will keep your online business running at max capacity so that your brand can focus on other pressing matters along the way.

3. They Provide Data & Analytics Tracking

The only way to know if your web design is hitting its mark is to track data and analytics.

This data can tell you if users are clicking onto your site and exploring the pages included within, how they engage while on your site, where they spend the most time, how long their mouses hover over specific areas and what the overall average user journey looks like.

It demonstrates the areas of your website that are successfully helping users navigate to important pages and if those web pages are fostering actual conversions.

Key metrics that top-rated Boston web design companies track include:

  • Website journey
  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Website referral
  • Click-through rates
  • Abandoned pages
  • Conversions
  • And more

To collect this data, a web design agency in Boston uses premium tracking and analytics tools. They allow web designers to unpack a large quantity of data and draw meaningful business growth conclusions from the numbers.

This ensures that clients have the best digital strategies possible.

A web design agency in Boston, Massachusetts has the tools, resources and knowledge to collect information and create strategic online solutions based on it.

From infusing specific navigation systems to ease users on their journey to updating backend technical specs to speed up the process, these companies can upgrade your design for future success.

4. They Create Responsive Websites With High Conversion Rates

Responsive web design is one that seamlessly adapts to fit all screens and mediums. Whether users are using a desktop, a mobile device or a tablet, the website still looks and functions properly.

And in a world where 52.2% of online traffic is mobile, you need to make sure your website works well on every device.

Responsive design has quickly become the norm in the industry. Most businesses are taking advantage of the increased move towards mobile.

And responsive design is oftentimes the quickest and easiest way to engage with these audiences.

According to Think with Google, the mobile conversions for Tesko Bank grew ten-fold when they switched to responsive web design.

This highlights the importance of responsive design and its limitless possibilities.

Companies that offer web design in Massachusetts are innately attuned to the latest trends and insights in mobile responsiveness and they will craft a strategy that will engage your audiences and help you hit your key goals and objectives.

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How Much Does A Boston Web Design Company Charge For Their Services?

Most Boston web design companies price their projects on hourly rates, meaning they will charge you based on the number of hours they will spend working on your web design.

They most often formulate their fee according to:

  • The complexity of the project
  • Its scope
  • Page count
  • And more

Some of them may also ask for a flat rate or a fixed price for particular services like:

  • SSL Certificate ($0 - $200)
  • eCommerce website functionality ($20 - $24,000)
  • Content ($0 - $5,000)

No matter which plan you and your partner agree upon, make sure everything is clearly defined in your contract including the exact price and the post-launch maintenance cost.

How To Select The Right Web Design Agency In Boston

Before you start your search for the best agency for web design in Massachusetts, make sure you clearly define your requirements and create a list with goals that you want to accomplish.

Whether it is generating leads or boosting revenue, your objectives will help your agency partner to define website pages, features and functionalities that will allow you to meet your needs.

A website is a marketing tool, after all, not just a compelling design.

Then, consider the following factors to make your choice easier:

  • Look at their track record: Check their portfolio and visit the actual websites (don’t look at screenshots) that they have built to judge their work, from aesthetics to functionality and experience. Past work will give you an insight into these agencies’ skills and capabilities and tell you which of them has the ability to meet your goals.
  • Consider client feedback: Read their online reviews to determine how satisfied their past clients are, what level of customer service they offer during and after the launch, what is their culture, how flexible and transparent they are in planning and pricing.
  • Learn about their company culture: Discover what their company culture is like by checking them on social media, finding out about community involvement, reviewing team pages and studying their behavior during your initial meetings. Select a partner that matches your personality, values and working style so that you ensure a smooth collaboration process and successful project delivery.
  • Ask about after-launch support: Make sure you inquire whether the potential Boston web design companies want to invest in a long term partnership. To generate optimal performance, websites require regular maintenance. This is why you should hire a partner that will be there post-launch to fix issues, do updates and make improvements that will boost user experience.
  • See how much they can handle: Understand whether the companies you consider can engage in long term partnerships. Some firms only accept short term projects while others work on wide scope projects. Depending on your needs, see how much each web design agency in Boston can handle before you make your choice.
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10 Questions To Ask A Boston Web Design Company

  1. Find out whether they have experience in working on similar projects to yours. If not, understand how they can gain domain knowledge.
  2. Ask to see their portfolios, case studies and other proof of past work to discover their capabilities.
  3. Discover how their web design processes look like by asking to explain the steps briefly. This will give you an insight into their ability to deliver successful projects.
  4. Learn whether they will use pre-made templates or they will create a fully-customized website.
  5. Ask how they will ensure intuitive user experience across all devices.
  6. Inquire whether they perform Quality Assurance (QA) testing. It will ensure your website comes without any issues.
  7. Find out about the security processes they have in place.
  8. Seek to find out if they offer after launch support and maintenance.
  9. Ask about their pricing structures and the cost of your project.
  10. Discover what will be included in the contract that you will sign beforehand.

Takeaways On Boston Web Design Companies

Boston web design companies offer high-quality services at budget-friendly rates. Due to the lower cost of living, they can deliver websites of the same quality as their other US peers at nationally competitive rates.

What makes the local web designers stand out is also their deep understanding of the city’s major industries including education, tourism and financial services.

So, they can particularly deliver successful projects for businesses in these sectors.

The recommended steps to picking the best partner for your company are:

  • Looking at their track record
  • Considering client feedback
  • Learning about their company culture
  • Asking about after-launch support
  • Seeing how much they can handle

Best of luck!

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