User-Friendly App Design is a prominent hotel booking platform that helps users locate and book accommodations that will meet their travel needs. The platform boasts well over a million listings on their platform, so users can feel confident that whatever they’re searching for, they’ll be able to find it through

The home screen of the app emphasizes the main goal of the platform: To get users searching quickly. A search widget is located in a prominent position right in the center of the home screen. Along with all the usual information (location and travel dates), users can also indicate whether a trip is for work or leisure. For users who aren’t so sure of what they’re looking for yet, there’s a carousel of suggested locations and popular destination just below the search widget to help get users discovering properties quickly.

Search results are presented in a card-based, long-scrolling format. On each property card users will see a property photo, average rating, nightly price, and a count of property bookings that have been completed through (including how many have been completed that day). Users can filter results based on a variety of criteria such as hotel facilities and amenities or average rating. Each property page features multiple high quality property images that users can scroll through or expand to view more detail.

The app has an updated design that puts focus on getting users to book through the app. The app takes pains to emphasize the best deals, or call out when a property is in high demand, incentivizing users to book fast or risk missing out. The deep blue color palette pairs nicely with the vibrant yellow accent color, giving the app a lively, dynamic appeal. Searching for a property is intuitive and simple, making this a can’t-miss resource for hotel booking. is a user-friendly app design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.