Hopper User-Friendly App Design

Hopper is a travel app designed to help users find the best prices on flights. Users can search routes to find the best times to travel and save trips to be notified by the app if flight prices begin to rise or fall. It’s a useful companion for travelers on a budget, especially those who have some flexibility with dates or are booking a trip in advance hoping to get best deal.

The app is simple to use. Upon logging in the user is given the option to use their current location as the departure city, or choose any city of their choice. Form fields auto-populate with city names, and users can either select a specific airport within a city or include all airports in the region. Once a search is executed the app returns a calendar view which allows the user to quickly see which days, weeks, and months, are the most and least expensive to fly. A legend assigns a specific color to a different price range, so the cheapest fares are indicated in green, and the most expensive are indicated in red.

Cute animations, like a running bunny, are shown between the user taking an action and the app generating a result. These animations are an on-brand way to reduce interstitial anxiety and increase enjoyment of the experience of using the app.

Colors are used throughout the app to indicate pricing levels, indicating which dates on the calendar are the least expensive travel days. Overall, the app has a very playful vibe. The hopper mascot, a chubby bunny with glasses is used in different areas of the app, and other custom illustrations are sprinkled throughout, giving the app a light-hearted, approachable feel. Overall, Hopper is a worthy additional to the travel folder of any mobile user.

Hopper is an user-friendly app design in the hospitality and travel industries.