Boost Juice Fun App Design

Boost Juice created their Free the Fruit game to connect with customers on an interactive level outside of their store locations. Customers fell in love with the game when it allowed them to win free Boost Juice products.

Boost Juice Bright App Design

The colorful activity is an eye-popping experience that brings a gamification element to Boost Juice’s marketing efforts. However, the game feels like a standalone form of entertainment, rather than some ham-handed, slapped-together marketing app. It’s genuinely a good mobile game.

Boost Juice Colorful App Design

The bright colors and illustrated characters make the experience feel fun and exciting. The typography is easy to read, and there’s not much text to distract users from the real attraction: the game.

Boost Juice App Design

Users also get thepower to decide the fate of the fruit they save. Do you spare the fruit or blend them up to win a prize? This isn’t just a fun activity; apparently, it’s a moral test as well. Although, you’d have to imagine that a place called Boost Juice would incorporate blending at some point.

With their colorful, fun game, Boost Juice has shown that marketing doesn’t have to be in-your-face. A marketing app can be playful, addictive, and beautiful—all at the same time. Bright colors, bold text, great illustrations, and a fun concept make Boost Juice’s marketing campaign a hit in our books.

Boost Juice is a fun app design in the entertainment and food & beverage industries.