FamilySearch - Tree Clean App Design

Many of us wish we had a better understanding of our family’s history and heritage. Fortunately, technology makes it easier than ever to trace family origins and keep track of memories. FamilySearch offers this experience to users from the convenience of a mobile device.

Upon logging in for the first time, users are taken through an onboarding process with instructions on optimal use of the app. A series of three screens can be scrolled through horizontally, introducing users to key instructions and use cases. This onboarding process helps ensure users get the most from their experience of the app.

The FamilySearch app allows users to locate records of family members through robust search functionality. Users can search by family member name and include additional identifiers such as gender and parents’ names.

The FamilySearch app does a good job of displaying ancestor information in a functional grid format. Photos are displayed in a card-based layout with the captions visible for easy browsing and consumption. Users can toggle back and forth between different information for the ancestor, including spouse, parents, and stories.

The Pedigree view gives users the opportunity to view their family tree in full, including photos, gender identifiers, and lifespan. From the Pedigree section users can add new family members to the tree with the option to add photos and audio recordings to maintain for posterity.

The FamilySearch app is a sophisticated experience for ancestry research and documenting family trees. A modern design and user-friendly interface makes it easy and enjoyable to use.

FamilySearch - Tree is a clean app design in the Arts & Recreation, Entertainment and Professional Services industries.