Netflix iPhone App Design

Netflix’s Exciting App Design Makes Video Streaming A Breeze

Netflix is a popular entertainment company that provides users with video-streaming services. Users can watch their favorite movies and TV shows from their desktop computer, laptop, tablet and even from their mobile devices.

The brand was founded in 1997 — providing users with online, on-demand services and mailed video media. In 2012, Netflix began producing its own content. The first piece of content the company produced on its platform was Lilyhammer, and they’ve been increasing their “Netflix Original” offering ever since.

In 2018, the popular video-streaming platform reached 125 million total subscribers worldwide. The Netflix services are available in 190 countries across the globe, and the brand is continuing to expand its reach and connect with even more audiences. Because who doesn’t love a good Sunday afternoon TV binge? The most notable markets where Netflix isn’t available includes Mainland China, Syria, North Korea and Crimea.

Netflix in an innovative and forward-thinking brand and its services are far-reaching and widely acclaimed. It’s a service that knows how to reach its audiences and knows where their audiences live. It also knows what it means to be successful in the modern age, where everything has become increasingly mobile-first.

And that’s where their app comes in.

The Netflix app is a must-have entertainment interface for TV and movie lovers. The streaming service has been integral in changing the way modern media consumers watch TV and film. The platform’s foray into original programming has spurred other companies to begin investing in their own content as well, creating a kind of content arms race that has been a boon for viewers. The Netflix app brings everything there is to love about the service directly to the smallest of screens — the mobile device.

And the Netflix app certainly delivers.

Everything users can do on the online platform, they can do from their mobile device. They can watch the same movies and TV shows at the same resolution and quality. They can perform the same searches, search through their own personalized offerings and more.

And the clean and straightforward layout of the app itself makes the experience a simple and serene one that keeps users coming back for more.

Netflix Browse App Design

The Netflix App Gives Users A Personalized User Experience

Netflix is a service that offers video-streaming services to its subscribers in the form of a desktop platform, and a mobile interface. And this service is just as intuitive on a laptop as it is on a smartphone.

And one thing that helps it stand out as a leader in video-streaming is its intuitive personalization that creates an experience specific to each and every viewer.

From the get-go, users can create a number of accounts that differentiate the users who will be using the subscription. This is ideal for viewing, as the app will populate recommended titles based on previous watch history. And if you have multiple people using the same profile, you’ll have a wider variety of content options picked for you.

But once you nail down your profile, it’s all smooth sailing.

Netflix will offer a personalized experience for the users by learning from past viewing history. After watching a few titles, Netflix will include a “Recommended For You” category where you can see all the titles related to past titles you’ve shown interest in. It’s one of the first things you’re confronted with upon launching the app and connects you with a wide variety of content that you might have otherwise skipped over.

This personalization helps you learn more about the titles that Netflix offers and makes you feel at ease, taking out the stress or anxiety that could come from searching through the hundreds of offerings to choose from. With this helpful personalization, users can just launch the app and decide on a recommended title with ease.

No unnecessary scrolling or searching involved.

This personalization is helpful for the user, as well as for video producers — not all of these Netflix titles are mainstream offerings, and by shedding some light on more unknown titles, Netflix is promoting artists as a whole.

Netflix’s Simple And Exciting App Design Is Organized In A Clean And Clear Way

The Netflix app offers a simple, intuitive user experience. Upon launching the app and logging in, the user is met with the navigation interface they’re familiar with if they’ve ever used the desktop app before. Poster images representing different shows and movies can be scrolled through horizontally, while different categories are accessed via vertical scroll.

The landing pages for TV series and films feature tons of information to help the user decide if they think they’ll be interested. A match percentage estimates how well matched the content is to the user’s taste based on their past ratings and viewing behavior. For TV shows, users can scroll down to view episode overviews or select “more like this” to find similar content.

A major boon to subscribers who like to watch TV and movies while on the go but don’t want to eat up their data plan with streaming, the app now offers users the option to download movies and episodes to watch whenever they want, without using data.

The overall look of this app is clean, sophisticated and sleek. The black background immediately soothes and excites. It’s the perfect, dark, captivating color that puts users in the mood to turn out the lights and start their next TV series.

And the layout is equally stunning. Categories are broken down into sliding rows which are clearly labeled and clear. The menu bar is simple, straightforward and concise. Copy is clear and to the point, easy to read and prominent.

The app has a straightforward design that puts the content front and center. The black background helps the images that represent shows and movies pop, and white text is used to announce categories and for content descriptions. The deep red color of the Netflix logo is also used to highlight calls-to-action and other useful information, like the announcement of new episodes.

This app puts content first and lets users navigate through its offerings with ease and satisfaction. There is little stress and disorganization here. Everything is clearly displayed and cleanly laid out.

This makes for an intuitive and user-friendly experience that can often be missing in app designs and helps this app stand out from its video-streaming competition.

Netflix Account App Design

The Netflix Mobile App Is Intuitive, Simple And Straightforward

The Netflix app is one of the most peaceful streaming apps to use — in the niche of music-streaming, video-streaming and even game-streaming. The sleek and sophisticated interface, paired with its personalization offerings makes this mobile interface one for the history books.

Each user’s account is intuitively catered to that individual. Upon creating their account, users can quickly and easily jump into the content that appeals most to them. And after a few titles, Netflix customizes its “Recommended For You” category based on those preferences. This intuitive and interactive design engages users by connecting them with titles that are similar to those that they’ve previously watched and might interest them going forward.

Netflix has hundreds of titles, and it’s easy to skip over some quality content — especially if you’ve never heard of it before. That’s why this customization is so key — it connects users with titles and genres they might never otherwise hear about or watch. It promotes content from creators across the world, providing a wider reach for these individuals and promoting their own work in an almost altruistic way.

But the intuitive cataloging really does make users happy, creating an experience that is essentially all them.

Not only is the experience highly personalized, but it’s friendly and fun. The bright Netflix screen that appears before each title airs is creative, exciting and fun. And the playful messages at the end of a good binge reach out in an approachable and friendly way.

After a few hours of Netflix watching, the platform will ask you if you’re still there — because the service plays automatically. This is an engaging aspect of the design that aligns Netflix as a brand that you can connect with on a personal level.

Similarly, the entire layout and organization of the design is a dream. It’s sleek, sophisticated and straightforward.

Categories are broken down into a grid of sliding blocks with the video title and an image. Each category gets its own row, and each row is full of titles. And these categories are fun — they aren’t just broken down into basic categories like drama, action and comedy. There are categories with strong female leads, indie horror films and more.

These categories also self-populate based on your previous preferences.

The first row depicts the recommended titles, the next allows you to jump back into titles you’ve previously watched, the next highlights popular Netflix titles currently being watched, and then continues from there.

The black background is the perfect backdrop for the eye-catching titles, and the menu bar is sleek, concise and straight to the point.

Overall, this app design is exciting, user-friendly and intuitive. It engages with users on a personal level and gives them an experience that keeps them coming back again and again.