Cash App User-Friendly App Design

The Cash App is amping up the competition in the peer-to-peer mobile payments space, giving users more options to pay people back without relying on cash or bank transfers.

Onboarding to the Cash App is a simple and elegant process. Users are sent a confirmation code via text.

Once this is entered, they fill out some personal details, like debit card info, name, and zip code. They’re prompted to create a “$Cashtag” which is their unique name that anyone can use to pay them back.

This onboarding process all takes place through a series of bold, green screens that progress as the user enters information, making the process feel quick and dynamic.

The default home screen prompts users to enter an amount and tap either “request” or “pay” to send or receive a payment. Users can search for people by name, $cashtag, SMS, or email, or even enable Bluetooth to find Cash users nearby.

An elegant account screen gives the user access to an overview of their personal information and allows them to update key preferences such as automatic cash out or security lock.

An activity feed is also available so the user can access records of previous payments. This feed is private to the user, so those who are less than enamored with the default sharing of other payment apps will feel right at home.

The Cash App is a great tool, and it’s packaged in a modern, user-friendly interface.

The app makes excellent use of bold color and large text to give users a fresh, dynamic experience while using the app. It certainly makes a big impression in the world of banking and finance apps.

Cash App is a user-friendly app design in the Banking & Finance industry.

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