iMX app design by Perfection Geeks

iMX App Design Allows Secure Transactions Through An Intuitive Interface

iMX is a cryptocurrency eWallet iOS and Android app that allows for secure management, payment and exchange of popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others.

Its transparency, absence of any transaction fees and instant approval of transfers are some of the reasons why iMX is one of the best-rated crypto wallet apps on the market. The iMX app design also boasts immaculate platform security, making it a reliable one-stop shop for all user requirements.

This brainchild of Perfection Geeks app design and development agency instills a sense of dependability and trust with the users through an easy-to-follow interface. The sign-up/log-in screen sets the tone for the rest of the UX with its trademark yellow-navy color palette.

The registration process is divided into several steps during which it becomes apparent that safety and security standards were a vital consideration for the creative agency. Once the sign-up is complete, the main dashboard, featuring a virtual iMX credit card, displays the user’s crypto amount and the equivalent in the fiat currency of their own choice.

The dashboard also features an overview of the user’s asset in each cryptocurrency, with options “Scan,” “Balance,” “Receive” and “Top Up.” The hamburger in the top-left corner is a constant navigational feature on all screens. In the top right, a notification icon alerts the user of important updates.

iMX app design

iMX Shows How Visually Striking Graphs Guide The Users To Important Information

Professional app designers use data visualization tools to effectively present complex information in a visual and easily understandable format. Graphs, charts, grids, and diagrams are some of the most persistent iMX app design features. Each digital asset info comes with stock market index data so the user can follow the trend of rise or decline.

The most useful feature in this regard is the live tracking of prices where users can toggle between all the different cryptocurrencies and follow the change in their prices during the last 24 hours, a week, a month, 3-month or a full-year period.

Each crypto price is complemented with a visually striking yellow chart that contrasts beautifully against the dark blue background. The textual and numerical information is in bold, white fonts.

The importance of this information can help users make informed decisions when trading or transferring cryptocurrencies. The same screen also features a quick Swap button, letting the user transfer fiat money for a crypto asset or vice versa.

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iMX app

Simple UI Proves To Facilitate Fast And Transparent Transactions In The iMX App

iMX app’s transaction history functionality provides an in-depth overview of each crypto transaction. It includes the transaction ID, date and time of the transaction, its status and to whom it was paid.

Branding experts understand the importance of color in creating a cohesive and intuitive user experience. The consistency of colors ensures that the user gets around this information rather quickly and effortlessly. Predominantly dark, with yellow and white as accent colors, each transaction screen delivers only the most important facts on each transfer so as not to overwhelm and confuse the user.

The messaging is quite simple and to the point, without large blocks of text anywhere in the app. If the user needs more explanation and guidance on how to use the app, they can always refer to the iMX tutorial that describes the app’s features step-by-step.

iMX app by Perfection Geeks

iMX App Demonstrates How Bold Sans Serif Fonts Ensure Superb Readability

The choice of typography for iMX app design follows the notion of ensuring the best user experience. The font’s design is guided by the principles of legibility as a means of accelerating usability to help users understand and find what they need.

Much like numerous other apps in the finance niche, the iMX app uses a bold sans-serif font throughout the entire user interface. The font may appear quite ordinary and not at all memorable, but that’s exactly what is required in a practical, money-oriented app.

Users want to feel at ease and a familiar font creates a friendly, comforting surrounding that they can trust. The typeface, in this regard, is much more than an aesthetic consideration.

iMX App Design Is All About Secure And User-Centric Experience

Perfection Geeks’ app design for iMX crypto wallet blends excellent usability with a cutting-edge, contemporary design that uses the growingly popular “dark mode” as its basis.

The care for the user is at this app’s core. The importance of managing one’s financial assets requires a well-designed, intuitive environment, which is exactly what the creative agency provides.

A simple but effective color palette, intuitive navigation, great overview and readability and, above all else, fast and secure transactions, are some of the defining qualities of the iMX app.

In a growingly competitive eWallet market, especially with interest in cryptocurrencies surging, Perfection Geeks created an app that checks all the essential boxes, making them a winner in this Best Design Award category.

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