Chefsfeed Trendy App Design

ChefsFeed is the answer for anyone tired of listening to online restaurant reviews from people they don’t know and don’t trust. That’s because ChefsFeed features reviews of restaurants, bars, and cafes from chefs users can actually trust.

Upon launching the app, users are guided through a short onboarding process consisting of a swipeable, card-based introduction to the platform. Once the user is in, a handful of overlays are displayed with instructions on where to find key features and functionalities.

Once in the app, the user will never be starved for content. Featured content is shown in a scrolling banner rotation directly at the top of the screen. Directly below that users will find a handful of content pathways, including the all-important “Nearby Picks”, which pulls up a list of recommended restaurants in the user’s immediate vicinity. For each pick within the list, there’s a restaurant detail page, with key info like location and opening times, as well as a chef’s review. The chef’s review is accompanied by a photo and the chef’s credentials (ie; where they work), so users never have to wonder whether the review is trustworthy or not.

Detailed guides and videos are also available in the app, so users can explore the best places to eat in other cities and stay in tune with trends in the foodie scene. Chefs columns help bring the expertise of contributors to the forefront.

The app has a bold, brash, irreverent appeal. The bright yellow accent color of the app is unique in the app space, and makes the experience feel memorable. The app also has a clear, distinct tone of voice that reinforces the straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is vibe that ChefsFeed is clearly aiming for. A handful of cute, quirky animations help reduce interstitial anxiety while content is loading.

Chefsfeed is a trendy app design in the Food & Beverage industry.