Elevate Flat App Design

Elevate is a brain-training app designed to help users improve a number of key brain functions such as memory, focus, speaking ability, math, and processing speed. The app customizes the experience based on the user’s stated interests and goals, as well as a quick initial diagnostic test that establishes a baseline of ability in key categories.

The app is beautifully designed and the act of using it is highly engaging. The app has over 40 games that users can play, and each one has a unique design and landscape. This keeps the user’s attention focused on the game and encourages them to continue on to the next one. At the end of each session the is given access to Session Highlights which detail their performance and progress towards unlocking more modules.

The app has a flat design with a modern feel. In the main areas of the app colorful icons set against a white background define the experience. Within the games themselves, light, movement, and a range of colorful landscapes vary based on which game is being played. The app takes pains to explain the benefit of each game and associated skillset, so users can feel confident that games are actually working to improve cognitive function rather than providing a fun distraction.

It’s hard to overstate how fun the app is to use. The design of the games is highly elevated and even though the timer’s running, the sophisticated graphics and whimsical aesthetic of the app keep it from feeling stressful or overwhelming.

Elevate is a flat app design in the education industry.