Py Illustrated App Design

Py is an app designed to help users learn code and other in-demand computer science-related skills on the go.

Getting started on the platform is an incredibly simple process. A handful of question including years of experience and areas of interest usher the user directly into their first course. After a few basic introductions to concepts, the app begins asking questions and the user must select the correct answer. Correct answers are rewarded with a green flag and a congratulatory message. After a module is completed, the user’s progress is outlined, including how many stars they earned for the module and how much of the course they’ve completed so far.

Users are encouraged to set goals for how often they will use the platform, helping to keep them returning to the app frequently and working toward the completion of their learning goals. Once a goal is selected the platform asks the user to sign up for a free 30-day trial. Beyond the first module much of the content on the platform is available only to paid subscribers.

The Py app has a modern and approachable design aesthetic that takes the fear out of learning something new -- especially a complicated set of skills like coding and data science. Illustrations are used throughout and they serve to give the platform a relaxed feeling. Learning module are set against a light grey background, and color is used sparingly to emphasize certain text or highlight a call-to-action. Language is encouraging and accessible.

Py is an illustrated app design in the education industry.