Freeletics Elegant App Design

Freeletics is a personal fitness app designed to incorporate only bodyweight exercises, giving users the flexibility to complete the workouts anywhere they are without the hassle of having to make sure they have the right equipment. The app features over 900 variations of workouts, so users can be sure they’ll never get bored of working out with the platform.

The app has a quick onboarding process which asks users to answer a few questions about their personal fitness level and goals. This information is used to personalize the experience of the app and create custom recommendations based on the user’s needs.

Once the user has set their personal preferences and goals, the full app experience is loaded. The home screen is a content feed that includes motivational content curated by Freeletics.

From there, navigation of the app is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen. Each menu item is represented by an icon in varying shades of white through gray, depending on which item is selected. From this navigation, users can access their coach, or explore a wide range of movements featured on the Freeletics platform. For each movement, there is a short video clip that demonstrates how to do it properly, so users never have to worry about feeling left in the dark. When completing an exercise the app has a button the user can tap to automatically track how many repetitions they’ve completed.

The app has features designed to keep the user committed and motivated. It encourages the user to set a schedule for their next workout and receive a timed reminder when it’s time to workout.

Freeletics has a modern, contemporary design that puts an emphasis on motivating and encouraging the user. It’s a simple and beautiful user experience for the fitness junkies among us.

Freeletics is an elegant app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.