Ginto Clean App Design

Ginto is an essential mobile app for true lovers of gin. Ginto allows users (aka die-hard gin lovers) to keep track of all the different gins they want to try, as well as the ones they already have tried. Users can also maintain a list of gins they have in their collection, and rate and review the gins they try, saving reviews either privately or publicly.

Ginto features a card-based onboarding process whereby users swipe through a set of five multi-colored cards with key details about the purpose of the app, and how to get maximum use from it.

Once the user is through the onboarding process, they land on the home screen, where they’re immediately immersed in the world of gin. From the home screen, users are prompted to begin exploring gins. They can do so via a simple search (as indicated by a magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner), or through a long-scrolling list of suggested categories, such as “Newly Added”, “Best Rated” and “Popular Gins”.

Each gin page is packed with information to help the user get a feel for the specific brand in question. A large brand image is featured at the top, as well as a product shot next to the name and origin of the spirit. There is a detailed description of the gin and the maker, as well as suggested matching tonics, and an average rating. The user’s own personal rating appears at the bottom of the page. To add a gin to their list, one simply taps on the icon menu below the gin listing, either adding the gin to their wishlist, tasted list, or my gins list.

Ginto is certainly niche, but for gin aficionados it’s a useful and stylish mobile resource.

Ginto is a clean app design in the Food & Beverage industry.