Highball Trendy App Design

Highball is an app dedicated to helping users create, share, and collect cocktail recipes. It’s a stylish mobile resource for anyone who likes to mix their own drinks.

A short onboarding process takes the user through five cards, each with information about the app and the tools recommended for making the best cocktails possible in the comfort of your home. The card-based design aesthetic continues in the app itself, which is pre-populated with three popular cocktail recipes, overlaid in a manner reminiscent to the way cue cards would be displayed in an analog recipe box.

Recipe cards are all different colors that exist within a harmonious palette, so they are at once easy to differentiate while working together as a set. The design of the card is minimalist and modern. Lightweight white typography is used against the colorful background of the card, and a stylish illustration of the cocktail is the only decorative element. The user can toggle back and forth between oz and ml, and adjust the quantity, for easier mixing.

Users have the option to create a new drink of their own invention. The app guides the user through the process of inputting the ingredients and instructions, and there’s even a widget for creating a custom illustration of the drink. Users can also search the Highball library to import other recipes that have already been created. To add a drink simply search for the name, or browse through categories like “Classics”, “New Era Drinks”, and “Contemporary Classics”.

The design of the app is modern and refreshingly simple. The card-based design makes navigation feel intuitive, and is perfectly aligned with the purpose of the app. The muted, yet colorful palette has a touch of nostalgia that seem to harken back to the golden age of cocktails, giving the app a dignified, classic appeal.

Highball is a trendy app design in the Food & Beverage industry.