Honeydue Clean App Design

Maintaining a strong a romantic relationship with a partner requires both parties to be on the same page, especially about big things like finances.

Keeping track of finances, however, can be complicated for one person, let alone for two people managing them jointly.

The Honeydue app offers a solution, promising to help couples “Outsmart Money, Together”. Honeydue claims to be “the simplest way for couples to manage their finances.”

The Honeydue mobile app design begins with an onboarding process that introduces the user to the key functions of the app and prompts them to create an account. Users can link some or all of their accounts to choose what their partner can see.

In the Balances section of the app, both parties can see checking and credit card balances, with the ability to toggle between personal and joint accounts. The Bills section of the app helps keep users on top of paying their bills on time by reminding them when bills come due and indicating which account they’re paid from.

Users can also set a shared budget, managed under the Budget tab of the app. With this feature, users can set target spending limits and see how much money they spend in different categories of expenses in order to get a better understanding of their spending behavior.

The Honeydue app has a fairly minimalist design aesthetic that emphasizes user-friendly access to information. The white background and gray and black typography are offset by a bold red accent color that helps define the experience of the app.

Honeydue is a clean app design in the Banking & Finance industry. 

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