IKEA Place AR App Design

IKEA Place’s E-Commerce App Design Brings The Future To The 21st Century

IKEA Place is the new mobile app from Swedish retail giant, IKEA. The expert app developers built it using Apple’s ARKit and it brings augmented reality (AR) to the experience of shopping for furniture and home goods.

As anyone who’s ever shopped for furniture knows, one of the major challenges is knowing whether something will fit well in your space and whether it will look good with your existing furniture.

IKEA Place helps alleviate some of the stress of furniture shopping by giving users the confidence of purchasing the most appropriate items for their homes.

Just point, click and choose — then voila. You’ll get an inside look at how that end table, armchair or bed frame will look in your space. This innovative technology is the future of retail, and IKEA Place is taking charge.

But it’s not just the new and exciting technology that makes this app so powerful and effective. The interface and overall design are compelling, easy to use and clean.

This modern app design combines a variety of design elements to create an experience that you won’t ever be able to live without.

IKEA Place Journey Mobile App

The IKEA Place App Design Uses AR Technology To Add Interactivity To The App Experience

With IKEA Place, the user can try items from the retailer in their actual homes using augmented reality. The user simply points their camera at their surrounding, specifically wherever they’d like to place an item. They can select any item from IKEA’s catalog and the item will appear. The user can turn the item and adjust it based on where they want to place it in the room. They can walk around to look at the item from different angles.

Furniture is browsable by category, including some highlights promoted by IKEA. Users can save items, take a photo, and share them with others.

This simple and efficient app design takes the stress out of making your next furniture purchase, and the setup and navigation are easier than you could ever imagine.

Using innovative technology, IKEA Place jumps on futuristic trends in design and functionality to create an immersive and dynamic user experience.

Enterprise app development companies often use the philosophy of “try before you buy” and IKEA Place takes it to a whole new level, providing users with the ability to test out the size, shape, look, and functionality of a new purchase without ever leaving your living room.

With AR, IKEA Place gives users this immersive experience which keeps them engaged and convinces them more quickly to finalize a purchase.

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IKEA Place’s Simple App Design Facilitates Simple Navigation

Augmented reality features bring this app to life, but it’s this app’s simple navigation that makes the whole experience a fluid and fun one. Furniture options are easy to find, pictures are easy to take and perusing throughout the entire app is easier than uploading to Instagram (which you can do too!)

A chatbot is built into the app to help users navigate the technology. This bot tells users where to aim their camera and gently corrects them if they’re not using the app properly. This interactive aspect of the design gives users peace of mind. If they are struggling or don’t understand what to do, this helpful, intuitive chatbot will pop up with suggestions and questions to help guide you along your journey.

Seamless social media integration also makes sharing these photos on social media a simple and fun task. Easily take a photo, place a new couch or rug in the center of the image and share it with your friends and family to see in just a few easy swipes.

Large, eye-catching images make for easy browsing and quick findings. Simple options take the guesswork and anxiety out of working with new and emerging technologies.

Enjoy speedy scrolling, high-quality camera quality, engaging animations, intuitive pop-ups and quick performance — all of which add to an immersive and engaging user experience that can’t be ignored.

IKEA Place Smartphone App Design

The IKEA Place App Design Is Intuitive, Exciting And Innovative

IKEA Place’s powerful and exhilarating app design adds some fun to furniture buying, and the seamless and fluid user experience makes it easy too.

Though the IKEA Place app design uses sophisticated technology, it still maintains a simple, manageable interface. Large imagery makes for easy browsing, and the helpful bot ensures users get the most from their use of the app and make this design one of the best apps.

Leave chaos and confusion at the door — that’s the point of this app. And through augmented reality, simple navigation, large visuals and an easy-to-follow journey, this app design is one that will make your life infinitely easier.

IKEA Place is a great e-commerce app design that blows the competition out of the water.

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