Eventbrite Clean App Design

Eventbrite is a platform that allows users to find and book tickets to events and activities in their city, including parties, networking events, theatre, and concerts. The Eventbrite app gives users the ability to find and book experiences anytime, anywhere, and access their tickets right from their device.

Upon launching the app for the first time, users are taken through an onboarding process that encourages them to indicate their favorite topics so that Eventbrite can help personalize the app experience specifically to the user’s preferences. The app uses the user’s location to further personalize the results, populating the homescreen with recommended events in the user’s area and within their specified interest categories. These results are populated in a long-scrolling feed. Each event in the feed features a cover image, event title, date, event description, as well as hashtags that the user can click on to find more events with the same tags. Users can also save the event, or share it right from their device.

Each event page features a detailed event description that is truncated on the page view but can be expanded for full readability. A map view locates the event within the city and contextualizes it based on the user’s location. Other events hosted at the same venue are listed below the event details. Users can choose to login through Facebook to see if any of their contacts are also attending the event. A bright, cheerful green is used for the call-to-action to register/purchase.

The app’s minimalist gray and white palette allows event content to become the focal point. Color is used judiciously to orient users within navigational elements and to highlight calls-to-action. Overall, the Eventbrite app offers a modern mobile experience that makes finding and booking events easy and enjoyable.

Eventbrite is a clean app design in the E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.