What Is an Enterprise Mobile App Development Company?

An enterprise mobile app development company develops tailor-made software applications for large corporations based on their specific needs and requirements.

Enterprise app development service refers to the process of both building and deploying scalable, speedy mobile apps to help companies facilitate various tasks.

Through such services, large organizations are looking for an opportunity to iterate quickly and continually update mobile apps, to be flexible and efficient in order to meet the ever-changing needs of end customers.

Besides improving customer experience, enterprises have the additional challenge of managing and optimizing all of their internal and external processes while simultaneously reducing operational expenses, which is another reason to leverage enterprise mobile apps.

So, enterprise mobile app development companies plan, design, execute, test and develop mobile apps for large businesses across industries to help them grow effectively, both internally and externally.

Enterprise mobile app development

What Do Enterprise Mobile App Developers Do?

Enterprise mobile app development companies build apps according to the client company’s global strategy and make custom-tailored functions available on mobile devices. They develop user-friendly software that uses multiple types of complex data and complies with the latest security standards.

Research shows that 60% of IT employees already use apps for work-related activity and 71% spend more than 2 hours a week accessing company information on mobile devices. And those figures are bound to grow.

In fact, the enterprise mobility solutions market is expected to reach $151.51bn by 2027. Why?

Given the global shift towards more flexible ways of working, enterprise mobility is a growing area of focus.

By developing your own enterprise app, you can control every aspect of your business and your company data. However, it’s not only security that drives enterprise app development.

Nowadays, employees expect a fast, efficient and, most importantly, convenient way to communicate.

Additionally, by employing enterprise app development services you can streamline or even completely automate the low-level, mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing your workers to focus on more important aspects of their work. All while driving the efficiency of your business!

Since enterprise apps differ from your typical consumer-oriented apps, so does their development.

Enterprise apps, like any other corporate system, deal with complex corporate databases and frequent data transfers. That is why it’s imperative for them to be designed with high security and scalability in mind.

Moreover, enterprise mobile apps need to be consistent across all devices and platforms because any issue and lag can be costly for the company.

The 3 Different Types of Enterprise Mobile Apps

There are three main types of enterprise mobile applications:

  1. Employee level: Made exclusively for internal use, employee level apps have the shortest feature list. They could be a simple messaging tool to improve internal communication between staff or how managers keep up with a specific project without delays.
  2. Department level: As the name suggests, these enterprise apps are used to boost the productivity of specific departments like finance, marketing, HR, etc.
  3. Company level: These apps are used to connect all the departments of the company into a single, private network. This way employees can stay in contact with anybody from the collective, their peers, managers or CEO. They can also access various enterprise documents, databases and so on, depending on their level/position.
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How Much Does Enterprise App Development Service Costs?

Since mobile app development for enterprises can be extremely complex and high-stakes, creating the apps usually takes a significant chunk of your budget.

In order to determine a precise budget range, you’ll need to establish a proper roadmap for your app and decide what type of app you need.

Generally, enterprise mobile app development companies have two pricing models:

  • Charging per hour
  • Charging per project

Typically, enterprise mobile app developers charge anywhere between $50 and $200 per hour.

When billed by the hour, the cost will largely depend on:

  • The complexity of your app
  • The number of features and functionalities desired
  • The number of platforms/devices it will work on
  • The company’s seniority and size

If an enterprise mobile app development company invoices you per project, you may pay anywhere between $25,000+ and $250,000+, also depending on the complexity of the app.

Why Should You Outsource Mobile App Development for Enterprise?

You may think that your organization functions perfectly without a custom mobile app, so why should you even consider hiring specialists to create it?

Here are some of the key reasons to partner with the best enterprise mobile app developers:

1. Improved Data Management

A quality enterprise mobile app can help you improve operations related to data processing, analysis, verification and more. The accumulated amount of saved time can make wonders for the overall efficiency of your business.

2. Mobile Monitoring

Enterprise mobile app development companies can help you build software that moves the office to digital space. In other words, it gives you an opportunity to monitor the progress of your employees, while they can report on their progress via a mobile app.

3. Onboarding and Certification Automation

For large corporations, mobile apps can make all the difference when it comes to streamlining the onboarding process.

Automating just a few steps saves tons of time, leaving your HR experts focused on more important tasks. Having an app that handles the certification data about your employees also simplifies the work of the HR department.

4. Transaction Control

By having a mobile app focused on transactions, you can not only improve your money management but become fully aware of various financial aspects including payment/receivable deadlines, sending notifications, invoices and more.

5. Eliminating Paperwork

Automating various processes like the above-mentioned benefit naturally leads to reducing the amount of paperwork. By extension, it will allow you to focus on strategic goals and more sophisticated challenges.

6. Supply Chain Control

Enterprise mobile apps for companies dealing with supply chains may include a variety of features for accurate planning, delivery and transportation management. With better control and monitoring options, you’ll find an additional route to optimize your expenses.

7.  Client Support

As modern online banking proves, enterprise apps can be a perfect solution for client support.

Mobile apps can take over 24/7 live support of basic client questions, which lets your dedicated team take over more complex tasks. With the addition of innovations like fraud detection and machine learning, your app may not only solve problems but prevent them altogether.

How to Choose the Best Enterprise Mobile App Development Company?

Finding the right enterprise mobile app development company is not an easy task. Here are a few tips that will help you select the best oner for your business:

1. Consider Your Requirements

Having a clear list of requirements is the foundation of any successful project, let alone app development.

So, define the features and functionalities you would like for your app to help your team transform your concept into a fully functional product.

2. Ask to See Their Previous Work

When listing through prospective providers, go through these companies’ portfolios to check their work or ask them to show you some samples.

Then, visit their apps and test to see how they perform. These will show you whether the potential partners are capable of delivering fully functional apps and outstanding user experience.

3. Read Their Reviews

Always aim to find out what their previous clients have to say about their reliability, how satisfied they are with the app and everything in between.

Reviews will also help you discover their strengths and weaknesses, their company values and the type of partnership you can expect.

4. Learn What Security Processes They Have

Partner with an enterprise mobile app developer that can deliver a highly secured product.

The purpose of security processes is to ensure consistency in the implementation of cybersecurity control or execution of security-relevant business processes.

5. Consider Their Location

The best enterprise mobile app developers are dispersed around the world. This is why you should think about your preferences and decide whether you want to outsource your project to nearshore or offshore development company.

However, if you decide to work with a partner that is not close, make sure you ask how the time difference (or potential language barrier) can affect your project.

6. Understand Who Will Be Working on Your Project

Before you hire a partner, take the time to learn about the individual team members that will be working on your app. Understand their work experience, expertise and previous successful projects.

7. Long Term Maintenance

Successful applications require regular maintenance and the enterprise mobile app development company you hire should ensure your app is working at peak functionality throughout its existence.

Trends are constantly changing and technology is advancing faster than anyone thought possible. So, there is always room for change and growth.

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10 Questions to Ask Enterprise Mobile App Developers Before You Hire the Right One

Not all enterprise mobile app developers offer the same type of work, so it’s crucial that you do thorough research before deciding on a partner to work with.

Keep these questions and considerations in mind when selecting your new partner:

  1. Have you ever worked on projects similar to our own?
  2. What are your core competencies?
  3. Who will be working on this project and what will their role be?
  4. How will you determine the project timeline?
  5. What is your pricing structure?
  6. Where can I see your portfolio and reviews?
  7. Do you follow the best coding practices?
  8. Do you do QA testing? What do you test exactly?
  9. Do you offer post-launch support?
  10. How do you charge and is the maintenance included in the cost?

Takeaways on Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies

Large corporations outsource enterprise app development services because they can help with:

  • Data management optimization
  • Implement mobile monitoring
  • Onboarding
  • Internal communication
  • Transaction control
  • Supply chain control
  • Client support
  • They typically charge between $50 and $200 per hour, or $25,000 and $250,000 per project.

When selecting the right partner, you should:

  • Consider your requirement
  • See their previous work
  • Read their reviews
  • Learn about their security processes
  • Consider their location
  • Learn who will be working on your project
  • Learn if they offer long term maintenance

Best of luck!

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