JetBlue Professional App Design

JetBlue has always been a pioneer of web design in the airline industry. While other airlines were offering up clunky, dated web experiences to users, JetBlue delighted with a modern, user-friendly website that made the process of searching and booking flights feel easy and, dare we say, fun. JetBlue has transferred that pioneering spirit to the development of modern airline mobile app that has all the personality of its web presence.

The JetBlue app has all the functionality users need to search, book, and manage their travel. The home screen is populated with a set of rotating banners that serve to highlight promotions, announcements, and a handful of key selling points related to flying with JetBlue. From the home screen users can also access a menu of options, including My Trips, Book a Flight, Check In, and Flight Status.

Booking a flight through the app is a painless experience. The large form fields are easy to use on mobile, and the presentation of the forms themselves is modern and functional. Once a search is conducted, the results are presented in a way that makes them easy to browse and digest. Key information is presented prominently, while links to view more details (like flight amenities and seats) are available. Color is used judiciously to indicate different levels of ticketing, and a yellow accent color makes the call-to-action to continue booking inescapable.

The app has a distinct blue palette, with varying intensities of blue used throughout to indicate different pieces of content. The app feels closely tied to the JetBlue brand identity. The design is approachable, but still professional enough to inspire the level of trust and confidence necessary for an airline. Overall, the experience of the JetBlue app is a seamless one that gives travelers quick access to the information that matters most when flying. 

JetBlue is a professional app design in the e-commerce & retail and travel industries.