Hotel Tonight Modern App Design

Hotel Tonight is the hotel-booking app for last minute planners and procrastinators. The app allows users to search and book great hotels at great prices -- but only within a 7 day timeframe. The reason for the short notice? Hotels give Hotel Tonight their unsold rooms at discounted rates, and Hotel Tonight passes those savings on the user. They claim to only work with hotels they themselves would stay at, so users can feel confident about quality.

Upon logging in the app uses the user’s location to pull up a map view of their city with available hotels indicated by the Hotel Tonight logo. It even estimates the selected hotel’s distance from the user’s current GPS location, listed by drive time. Users can zoom in on the map to search for hotels based on location. Selecting a hotel brings up a hotel listing page which includes a rotating banner of images, a Hotel Tonight quality designation (eg; “Basic”, “Solid” or “Luxe”), an overview of what’s to like about the hotel, a list of amenities, and reviews from other Hotel Tonight users.

Many other useful features are also accessible through the streamlined tabbed navigation at the bottom of the screen. There users can access saved hotels, see their bookings, earn rewards by inviting their friends to the app, and view their account info.

The app has an unexpected bold purple palette that makes it visually distinct from most travel booking sites. It’s also designed against a muted black background, which gives it an elegant, high-end feel. The navigation is intuitive to use, and the hotel profiles are beefed up with all the information users need to feel comfortable booking a room. Overall, the app packages a useful service in a sleek, modern platform with strong, memorable aesthetics.

Hotel Tonight is a modern app design in the e-commerce & retail, hospitality and travel industries.