KptnCook Contemporary App Design

Figuring out what to cook for dinner every day can be a time-consuming task, and sometimes what you end up with wasn’t worth the effort anyway. KptnCook promises to put an end to recipe deliberation by presenting users with three daily recipes from food bloggers. Time-crunched cooks don’t have to worry -- the recipes are all under 30 minutes.

KptnCook recipes disappear after 24 hours (much like Snapchat) and each day three new recipes become available, but users can favorite recipes they enjoy for future access. In a world of apps with endless options, KptnCook offers refreshing simplicity and an appealing value proposition.

The app experience begins with a brief onboarding process that introduces the user to the core functionality of the app. Instructional animations also appear on the screen during the user’s first session to help them understand how to engage with content.

The KptnCook app has a slick and modern design aesthetic. Large recipe images dominate the experience and delightful microinteractions (such as a flipping animation when users swipe between recipes) make the app feel dynamic. The app includes sophisticated integrations like the ability to price recipe ingredients at the nearest local grocery store.

Recipe steps are presented in a methodical fashion that makes them easy to follow. Each written step is accompanied by a high quality overhead image and a reminder of the ingredient quantity or measurement.

KptnCook brings a fresh perspective on the cooking experience, with a strong focus on quality over quantity. This approach extends to the design of the app as well, which is contemporary, focused, and fun.

KptnCook is a contemporary app design in the Food & Beverage industry.