Minibar Elegant App Design

Minibar helpseliminate the trip to the liquor store by offering delivery of wine, spirits, and beer direct to your door. The Minibar app makes placing an order and receiving your booze as simple as a few taps on your mobile device.

Upon launching the app, the user is asked to confirm their location, which is populated based on their GPS location. The home screen of the app features a prominent search bar at the top of the screen, giving users an avenue to find the exact thing they’re looking for quickly and easily. Below the search bar, a rotating banner highlights current promotions and top product categories. Users can also interaction with an iconography menu of product categories (wine, beer, liquor, mixers) in order to be directed to a listing of results within that category. A set of filters makes it easy to narrow down on a region or specific product type (eg; red/white/sparkling, spirit type, etc.) The user can tap a product to see full product details, or add the item to the cart directly from the product listing screen.

The app provides many different avenues for users to find the products they’re looking for through the simple iconographical navigation and horizontally scrolling menus with category focuses like “Top Wine,” “Top Beer,” and “No Troubles, Bubbles.” Top brands are also listed, represented by simple cards with image and brand name.

The Minibar app has a fresh, modern design that truly makes ordering alcohol online a painless experience. The app uses high quality imagery throughout which helps instill a sense of trustworthiness in product quality and availability. Common gestures, like swiping left to delete a product from the cart, are put to good use in order to make using the app a familiar, and enjoyable experience.

Minibar is an elegant app design in the Distribution, E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.