Saucey Modern App Design

Saucey is the alcohol delivery app that promises to deliver drinks to your door in 30 minutes or less. With a delightfully modern design aesthetic, Saucey is poised to become the Uber of alcohol.

On launching the app and verifying account details and delivery address, the user is taken to the home screen. The home screen features a prominent search field and a set of rotating banners that call out featured products and platform features.

Below the banner rotation users are shown top picks based on their past order history, followed by a list of product categories. Each product category consists of a long-scrolling list of results, shown in an image grid. A wide range of filtering options is available to make finding the perfect wine, beer, or spirit a simple task. Users can filter based on price, volume, style, varietal, vintage, region, and brand.

Tapping a product pull up a product detail overlay with a large product image and expandable product details. The add to cart button is prominently overlaid along the bottom edge of the screen, so it’s always visible. Add-on items appear below the main product details.

In order to encourage users to share the app with friends, a text bubble icon links to a screen which lets users text or share a promotional code to people in their networks.

The app has an upscale design, and a distinctly irreverent tone. Everything about the app experience feels modern and slick. From the lightweight typography to the abundant use of white space, Saucey is a design-focused app that provides a great user experience. The app has a clear sense of aesthetics and the deliberately wry tone of voice makes interacting with the platform feel memorable and unique. All of this helps Saucey stand out in an increasingly crowded alcohol delivery market. 

Saucey is a modern app design in the distribution, e-commerce & retail, food & beverage and hospitality industries.