Pacifica App Design

Pacifica’s Dreamy Mobile App Puts Users At Ease

Mindfulness is all the rage these days, and for good reason. In an increasingly busy and hectic world, it can be difficult to find time for ourselves and many people struggle to feel grounded and centered. Pacifica is an app designed to help reduce stress and anxiety through a series of activities.

According to Pacifica, “Stress, anxiety, and depression can get in the way of you living your life. Pacifica gives you psychologist-designed tools to address them based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness meditation, relaxation, and mood/health tracking.”

Pacifica was founded in 2014 after a devoted team of healthcare professionals decided to matters of personal anxiety and depression into their own hands. They created this app out in San Francisco based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The app helps people manage stress, anxiety, and depression. The app works to promote positivity, wellness and relaxation techniques as well as stress management skills.

The app also offers its users a community of like-minded individuals that can work together to address and manage stress, anxiety, and depression at their own pace.

This app promotes positivity, wellness, and a happy lifestyle. It’s uplifting, inspirational and enlightening. And to match this serene and peaceful goal, the app design mirrors that sophistication and dreamy quality.

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Pacifa Onboarding App Design

The Pacifica Mobile Interface Personalizes Each And Every User Experience

Naturally, the experience of using Pacifica is highly personalized to each user depending on his or her needs. On first logging into the app, the user is asked to indicate up to three personal goals that the platform uses to customize content around their needs. Activities suggested by Pacifica are tailored to the user’s goals.

This onboarding process is simple, dreamy and concise. And from this point, the app begins learning about your objective and behaviors to create an experience that is the best fit for your mental health needs.

This personalization is highly intuitive, but even inside the app, you’re given a comprehensive list of options to choose from — whether you need stress management techniques or some motivational words to get inspired.

On the app, users can take part in a number of activities, including meditation, health tracking, hope board creation, journaling and thought tracking, and mood tracking. All of these tools are designed to help the user find ways to manage stress, anxiety, and depressing by providing coping mechanisms and insights into the interior self. Users can also track their progress to see how the app helps improve their state of mind.

Whatever you want, this app makes sure you can experience it.

Pacifica’s Simple Platform Makes Mindfulness Easy With Streamlined Navigation

This app looks the part as far as peacefulness, meditation and mindfulness are concerned. The interface is dreamy, clean and exciting. Blue and purple color gradients make up the background. Simple text sits on menu bars, and stunning, serene imagery makes up categories.

And even when the background is made up of a photograph, there’s a tone to it that immediately makes you want to relax.

The navigation is seamless. From the simple menu bar that sits across the bottom of the screen to the categories that are stacked on each page. Finding what you need and learning how to navigate the app is a breeze.

And it’s immediately calming.

The clean layout and soothing colors lull you through the app, putting your mind at ease as you learn the skills and techniques you need to keep your stress and anxieties at bay.

There’s a fluidity in this app — whether it’s through the circular toolbar menu, the soft highlighted search bar, the Discover feature, or engaging with the community.

And even when the background is made up of a photograph, there’s a tone to it that immediately makes you want to relax.

This app offers users a variety of features for building confidence, taking control, feeling better, and becoming more mindful. But there’s never any chaos to this dark and moody design. It all flows nicely together and urges you to keep learning and growing mentally and physically.

Pacifa App Features App Design

The Pacifica App Inspires Users With Smooth Transitions, Captivating Colors And Intuitive Personalization

The Pacifica app is designed in soothing blue, purple, and green tones, and incorporates a range of nature imagery that imparts a sense of peace. It’s a beautifully designed experience that offers powerful tools for those in need.

This app immediately personalizes each experience to the individual, beginning with an onboarding process that is simple, straightforward and concise. They can choose their theme when they want to interact with the app and for what purposes they want to use it.

And once inside, there are a variety of options to choose from for their mental health needs.

This personalization pairs beautifully with the serene and dream-like layout. Color gradients in blue and purple sooth and satisfy. Color and text overlays are breezy and simple. There’s a tranquility to this app that makes positivity and mindfulness your number one priority.

The Pacifica app is peaceful, beautiful and effective. It puts users at ease and gets them ready to start getting mindful.

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