Aaptiv Gorgeous App Design

Aaptiv is a personal fitness app designed to shake up the cardio scene by providing unlimited access to trainer-led audio workouts for running, cycling, and elliptical.

Upon launching the app for the first time, the user is taken through a quick onboarding process that explains the key benefits of signing up for an account with Aaptiv. Once the onboarding is complete, the user is taken to the home screen, where the main focus is on encouraging content exploration. A prominent call-to-action at the top of the screen encourages users to find a workout, while workouts categories (represented by card-based images) are listed below.

Tapping on one of the categories will lead users to a listing page containing links to all the workouts within that category. Each listing is a rectangular card that includes the name of the class, the instructor, the genre of music featured, and the length of the workout. Users can also filter the results on criteria like duration, speed, trainer, difficulty, and music genre. Selecting a class will pull up a screen with more details about what to expect as well as a chart featuring quick stats about the workout, such as calories burned, peak speed, and peak incline.

Navigation is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen, with each menu item represented by an icon. Through this navigation users can access coaches, their personal information and workout history, and premium subscription info.

Overall, Aaptiv’s design is refreshingly minimal, particularly for an app is the personal fitness space. Large imagery is featured throughout and information is overlaid in innovative ways to give the app a contemporary feel. Color is put to good use to orient users in the navigation, designate workout difficulty levels, and highlight calls-to-action. Aaptiv is a modern workout app designed specifically for cardio-lovers.

Aaptiv is a gorgeous app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.