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The Seamless App’s Simple Platform Streamlines Navigation

Seamless is a food ordering app that users can access from their computer, and from their smartphone with the use of the Seamless app. And regardless of what medium you’re using it on, the Seamless app makes everything from navigation to checkout simple.

Users can choose what category of food they want, when they want it and how much they’re willing to pay. The handy search bar is also readily available to streamline the process and connect people with the restaurants for them.

There are also additional search features like if the restaurant offers free delivery and if it has any coupons that you can check off to condense your options even further.

These search and filter choices are easily stationed in simple-to-find icons at the upper right corner of the main "Restaurants" screen.

And there is also a handy menu bar lining the bottom of the app that lets you search through restaurants, discover new cuisines, keep track of your account and stay up-to-date on past, current and even future orders.

But once you narrow down your choices — which you don’t even have to do — you’re met with a long list of restaurant options in a list form. This list includes bold food photography, the restaurant name, its cuisine category, how long delivery typically takes, if there’s a delivery minimum and the star rating it’s received from other Seamless users.

This is a very comprehensive offering that connects users with all the necessary information right off the bat and gives them a quick look at the restaurants they could possibly order from.

Instead of forcing users to scour the site and jump around in a jumbled and disorganized mess, the app makes it easy for users to navigate from point A to point B with ease.

And when it comes to actually ordering the food -- well, that is equally as simple.

Once you’ve decided on a restaurant, you’re brought to your Seamless page where the options are listed by category. And a helpful table of contents-like icon sits at the upper right corner making it easy for users to jump to the section that best matches their needs.

All a user has to do is add the items to their cart, and boom. Since they set up their account when they first downloaded the app, all that’s left for them to do is make any final adjustments to payment and address and then their delivery is ready to go.

It’s really a seamless, intuitive process. The app notifies you that the restaurant has accepted your order and keeps you updated with its status. Additionally, users will get an email confirming their order was accepted and they will be told when it’s on the way.

There isn’t too much going on with this food delivery app. It makes it easy for users to get their food after a long day without the added stress of confusing navigation and limited option.

Seamless iOS App Design

Seamless's Mobile Platform Shines With Its Intuitive Features

Seamless knows what its consumers want — they want good food fast. But the app also knows it needs to stay fresh and currents, offering exciting and intuitive deals to make sure that users aren’t bored and turning to competitors like UberEATS and Postmates.

And to do this, the Seamless app is regularly upping its game. Recently, the app made it possible for users to pay for their order through Venmo — which not only shows the brand’s ability to stay fresh and modern, but also shows that this brand is an innovative one connected intricately to its younger, mobile-friendly audience. That shows a brand with strength and understanding.

Another cool feature this app boasts is the ability for users to order pickup. In this day and age, the Seamless brand knows that consumers want to do as little communicating with others as possible. That’s the beauty of online ordering — and they’ve transferred that to takeout orders as well which makes it even easier for users to get the food they want, how they want it.

Not many other competitors offer pick-up as an option, so that sets this app apart from the rest.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Seamless also offers users access to specially catered deals that pop up on the restaurant page. These appear as you scroll, offering you deals at certain restaurants. So users can enjoy 20 - 40 percent off their meal by booking one of these restaurants.

Seamless is an intuitive app with a comprehensive list of offerings that attract users immediately.

Seamless Listings App Design

Seamless’s Comprehensive Restaurant Database & Search Options Create Clear Brand Transparency

Not only is Seamless easy to use, but it also connects users with a host of local and franchised businesses in the area. Its long list of restaurant options makes it an easy winner. When it comes to online food delivery, the more options the better. And this app certainly makes sure that you have access to all the restaurants you could possibly want.

Not only that, but the amount of information the Seamless app provides upfront is encouraging and exciting.

Seamless isn’t in the business of keeping secrets. It’s not an app that’s going to let you get all the way to checkout before letting you know how long a delivery will take, how much it will cost and if you’ll be hit with any hidden fees.

In fact, Seamless prides itself on its lack of hidden fees. All a user pays for is the food, tax and the possible delivery charge. Users can include a tip in the app or give cash at the door.

This comprehensive and intuitive really gives users everything they could possibly want and more.

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Seamless Ad App Design

The Power Of Seamless And Its Consistent Branding

Seamless is a go-to destination for ordering food delivery and takeout online. The company was a pioneer in online ordering and helped make using the telephone to place a food order practically obsolete. The Seamless app makes it possible for users to order food wherever, whenever. It has a straightforward design that emphasizes usability first and foremost.

Seamless got its start in 1999 thanks to founders Jason Finger and Paul Appelbaum. It was originally a web-based platform, of course, offering businesses easy restaurant ordering options. But in 2005, this company opened up its offerings to general public consumers.

Currently, the app partners with more than 12,000 restaurants and 4,000 companies. Their combined users from across the globe encompass two million active users. The cities where Seamless operates include New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London.

This is a global app with a wide reach, delivering to customers from L.A. to London. And from the United States and beyond, the Seamless branding remains consistent, strong and true.

If you’ve ever stepped foot on the Subway in New York City, you’ve probably seen the poster ads. These colorful displays include bubbly typography, bright colors, cute illustrations and delightful and funny quotes from users.

These print materials really breathe life into the brand and give it a personality that is tangible. They align the brand as a playful, relatable brand that understands its younger audience and knows how to give them what they want.

And that’s important considering the growing competition in the industry, such as UberEATS and Postmates (just to name a few...). The brand needs to stand out, and it does so with a consistent, transparent and friendly brand identity.

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Seamless Best App Design

The Seamless App Is An Instinctive Platform For Fast & Easy Food Ordering

The Seamless app is all about helping users find the food they want as quickly as possible. The brand successfully connects with users through the comprehensive and user-friendly app.

Nearby restaurants exist immediately on the home screen and there’s also a prominent search bar to give users the option to look up a particular restaurant or dish. Prominent buttons for filtering are located next to the search bar. The restaurant listings on the home screen contain all the information necessary to help a user determine whether they’re interested or not.

An image, restaurant name, cuisine type, distance from current location, delivery minimum, estimated time to delivery, and average rating are all displayed in a readable format that helps the user make an informed choice.

On clicking through to a restaurant, all that key information is reiterated, with the addition of the menu. Most popular options are listed first, again providing users a quick pathway to make a selection. Menu items consist of a dish name, price, description, and even an image in some cases.

Adding an item to the bag is easy, and customizations can be made through a series of radio buttons. Additional costs are helpfully indicated next to each add-on item. To make the ordering process even easier the user can save favorite restaurants and quickly reorder from past orders in the My Seamless section of the app.

A simple white background with grey and black typography, as well as the trademark Seamless red accent color is an effective backdrop to make the food imagery come to the forefront. And it keeps branding consistent — with similar color and typography you’d see in its branding across materials like print and web design.

There’s a forward-thinking quality to this brand too, which capitalizes on technologies and existing mindsets. These features keep a customer's experience at the forefront of all design and development decisions and entice people to use the mobile app over and over again. 

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