Socratic Awesome App Design

Socratic is an app designed to help users with their homework. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read and interpret a question or concept from a photo the user takes of their homework. Then the app helps the user with the question or concept by teaching them what they need to know in order to master their homework. Socratic bills itself as “A digital tutor in your pocket.” It can handle virtually any topic, including math, science, history, english, and economics.

Using the Socratic app is simple. The user simply verify their phone number with a code, and then they’re off a running. Take a photo of a homework question and narrow in on a single question. Socratic will analyze the question and offer the response. In addition to the response to the question, Socratic also pulls up helpful resources from the web and gives the user an Explainer so they can understand the why behind the response.

Users can also chat with friends on the platform, and ask their community for help on a question, all within the Socratic environment.

The app has a streamlined designed which focuses on its main functionality -- photographing questions and reviewing responses. Responses and explainer information is presented on multi-color cards that the user can scroll through with the flick of a thumb. Cards with similar information are always the same color -- for example, explainer cards are red -- so the user can flip through quickly to find the info they want. Socratic is a well-designed and highly functional app that integrates cutting edge technology to help students succeed.

Socratic is an awesome app design in the education industry.