Vanido Colorful App Design

Vanido is an education app designed to help users learn how to sing and improve their vocal skills. The app is a personal voice coach that users can take anywhere to improve their singing and their ear on the go.

The app offers interactive modules that guide users through exercises and give them a grade on their performance. Users can repeat exercises they don’t ace the first time, or progress to the next exercise when they’re successful. The app offers real-time pitch detection so users get real-time feedback when they’re off key and can course correct as they go, and develop a better ear over time. Upon logging in for the first time, the app calibrates to the user by determining their range, so exercises are suited to each user’s voice.

After each exercise the user can review a recording of their voice to hear how they did. User stats are recorded in the profile area of the app. Users can monitor their level, their rate of practice, and an overview of their usage of the app. These stats help gamify the Vanido app so users will engage with it more frequently.

Vanido has a very appealing user interface. Exercises are presented along a vertical access and as the user progresses, previously greyed-out icons are shown in full color, indicating that the next exercise has been unlocked. The flat aesthetic of the app feels very modern, and the dynamic elements of the exercises make it easy to follow along and understand what’s required at each step.

Vanido is a colorful app design in the education industry.