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Sonos B2C App Makes Streaming Music Anywhere

Moving from room to room used to stop people in their tracks — if they were a few songs deep into a jam session, they now had to gather their system and transport it wherever they were headed next.

But with music streaming services like Sonos, listening to music whenever you feel like it is easier than ever before.

Music streaming is nothing new — with the increase in popularity of voice-controlled devices like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. Not to mention you have more platforms to choose from than ever before — think Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more. If anything, the stress comes from trying to find the app and device that best fit all of your music needs.

That’s where Sonos comes in.

Sonos has long been an industry leader, with products that have set the stage for other brands to copy and emulate. When many people think music streaming, portable speakers and in-depth sound systems, Sonos is the first brand they think of.

From its conception, Sonos products and software were designed to fill your home with the sounds of music. Their products have always offered a level of flexibility through its use and its functions.

And it was one of the first to establish a wireless sound system that could be connected to through an app.

The creators who’ve been dedicated to music listening for years recently created a new app with the aim of making the music streaming app even more effortless.

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Sonos App Design Screens

Simple And Clean App Design Layout Lets Music Take Center Stage

After downloading, the onboarding process is simple and clear — there are clear steps that outline how to setup your device and connect it to your wireless system. The app utilizes a black and white color scheme to make reading the text simple and pleasing to the eye.

This color scheme is paired with vivid photography that balances beautifully with the colors and typography.

Once the swift and simple setup has been completed, you’re ready to start swiping through your library and listening across your devices.

The experience inside the app is just as fluid and seamless as it is when you’re setting it up. There’s an easy menu of music streaming options on the right-hand side that you can set up and connect. From Spotify to Pandora to Tidal and beyond — whatever service you use to hold your library, you can access with your Sonos app.

Finding these options is a breeze as they display themselves cleanly and clearly. The copy is clear and concise, and there is plenty of clean white space to make finding what you’re looking for easier than you could ever hope.

And when searching through albums and songs, don’t worry about having to read tiny, cramped text. No, instead what you’ll see is a visually-driven set up that shows album and song cover to help you differentiate between the thousands of options.

Play music on any device in any room — that’s the goal, and the way this is set up in the app is equally clean, minimal and easy-to-navigate. Each room is represented by a clean, rectangular box that is clearly labeled. No unnecessary searching or stressing.

Sonos wants this process to be simple, serene and satisfying — putting the music first.

Sonos App Features

Sonos App Design Offers Easy Navigation For Features Anyone Can Use

From setting up rooms and devices to adding music services, using the features included in the Sonos app requires little effort on the part of the user.

From the moment setup begins, you’re welcomed with a one-touch sync setup — it really doesn’t get any easier than that. And its features follow the same theme.

Within the app, you are able to group rooms, add music-streaming platforms, queue up songs, group devices and more. It’s almost too much, the options that are available to you on the Sonos device — but don’t be alarmed. Each action and each feature takes one or two clicks to complete, and then you can set it and forget it.

The clean interface, customizable features and organized layout of the entire app and its features make for an app experience you’ll wish you could transfer to all of your other apps.

Sonos App And Device

Clean, Fluid & Visually-Focused App Design Takes The Confusion Out Of Streaming Music

Utilizing a black and white color scheme, minimizing chaotic graphics and text, and putting their features first, Sonos has created an app that is stunning from both a visual standpoint and from a usability standpoint.

Listening to music shouldn’t be a process that causes tension or anxiety. It should be smooth and simple — and Sonos nails this in its app design, taking the stress out of finding your music and playing it from anywhere.

In a world of technological advancement and so many options that even the simplest tasks are difficult, Sonos makes sure the user experience within its app is clear, streamlined and frustration-free.

Thanks to this clean app design, you don’t need to learn how to use this app — you just need to learn what music you like. Let Sonos handle the rest.

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