Sandbox Engaging App Design

Sandbox is an incredibly simple, yet thoroughly engrossing app. With Sandbox users can ignite their artistic side through a paint-by-numbers platform chock-full of images to choose from.

Each Sandbox image is a pixelated paint-by-numbers grid. With more advanced images, the pixelation is not as apparent when looking at the image at full-size -- only on zoom does the pixelation become more obvious. Easier images have a pixelated look, quite deliberately and by necessity. This gives the app a distinct and unique aesthetic that isn’t seen elsewhere in the coloring app market.

Sandbox is incredibly easy to use -- all the focus is on the coloring. On launching the app, users are taken to a scrolling grid of available images. All images are greyed out, so the way that the finished product will look is hidden from users. Certain images are exclusive to paid users, and these images are indicated by a red pixelated heart in the bottom right corner of the image.

The user selects an image and begins coloring. Each box within the pixelated image has a number that corresponds to a color in the scrolling palette that runs along the bottom of the screen. The user simply taps the color they want, then taps a corresponding numbered box on the image, whereby that box is filled in. Mistakes are indicated by filling in the box but keeping the number visible.

Once the user finishes the image, or takes a break to work on something else, they can return to the home screen and their progress with the image will now be visible. Swipe left and they will be shown a collection of only images they’ve worked on.

Sandbox offers users a delightfully seamless coloring experience -- one that is both simple to use and understand, and fun to engage with.

Sandbox is an engaging app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.