Business France Arrows Design

Business France offers services for companies established in France and foreign investors participating in business support of France companies.  The French government agency was birthed on January 1, 2015.Their core goal is to export promotion and catalyze the international growth of French companies.

The Business France logo is remarkable. Symmetry and gorgeous arrows in purple and red take the eyes on a journey to visual Valhalla.

The lush purple color is #2E2B7C. The vivid red color is #E00A14. The colors are bold and rich. Bland colors do not work well in memorable logos. Make an impact.

Downward and upward arrows represent import and export. The import being foreign investment in French companies and exporting being French company promotion. The red is more prominent because the promotion of International companies leads to more investment. More promotion means more investment. The red represents urgency and importance.

This is not simply bland exportation. This is the acceleration of awareness to trigger exponential growth.

Symmetry is brilliantly executed in each arrow. In design, it enhances user memory and looks stunning and professional. Our eyes are glued to symmetry like witnessing a meteor shower amidst the northern lights.


Business France Clean Logo Design

The company name is in black and grey. The purple and red colors of the arrows overpower the name. This is on purpose. The main goal of Business France is not to advertise Business France. It is to engage in the act of promoting French companies.

The capital letters and removal of spacing between “BUSINESS” and “FRANCE” adds the perfect amount of awareness to compliment the arrows.

Business France Logo Design

The use of symmetry, lush and vibrant colors, and symbolism give the Business France logo an iconic status. The logo is memorable, clean, bold, gorgeous, and relevant in carrying out Business France’s mission of accelerating the growth of French companies in the international business market.

Business France is a clean logo design in the Government and Professional Services industries.