Montreux Elegant Logo Design

Montreux is a Swiss city known for its scenery, luxurious lifestyle, and international makeup (especially in business, education, and festivals). To integrate these aspects in one visual identity, they created a sophisticated corporate identity. This concept is harmonious, modern, and timeless, with a color palette inspired by Montreux hotels.

The logo design concept by David Massara and Alexandre Pietra combines the three symbolic aspects of the city: Landscapes, internationality, and luxury.

Montreux Great Logo Design

The branding design includes a logotype, some graphic style elements, and an extensive stationery set with an absolutely stunning result. The typography represents two styles; the Baskerville font is classic and elegant, inspired by the English who built the first hotels in the area. Meanwhile, the Avenir font represents stability, contrast, and modernity.

Montreux Logo Design

Montreux is an elegant logo design in the government industry.