Felipe Tapi Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Professional monogram of brand initials
  • Refreshing green and blue color scheme
  • Modern sans-serif logotype

Gadelha Design has meticulously designed a monogram logo for Felipe Tapi, a financial consultancy specializing in mentoring doctors and providing EAD Personal Finance Courses.

The logo perfectly illustrates Felipe Tapi's unique approach to financial education. The monogram cleverly integrates the brand’s letters into a symbol that evokes currency imagery.

The vibrant green monogram resonates with themes of money and growth. It also adds a fresh and energetic vibe to the brand’s visual identity. The navy blue used for the brand name complements this and adds a layer of professionalism and trustworthiness.

The logotype employs a modern, straightforward sans-serif font. This choice balances authority and approachability, mirroring the consultancy's mission to demystify financial concepts and foster discipline through education!

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