Google Current Logo Design 2018

Google’s New Logo Captures The Brand’s Excitement And Innovation

Google is a popular search engine. You’ve used it. Your clients have used it. Your employees have used it. I’ve used it too. Most, if not all, internet users have used this online search engine. And most of us continue using this daily.

Google is one of the most iconic tech companies in the world. It has millions, if not more, active users every day, and performs billions of searches across the world. Google has become a company that is so popular and so integral to everyday life that its name has become a verb. When you need to find out information these days, you google it.

This wide-reaching search engine brand was first founded in 1998, but since then its services have grown exponentially, widening its reach and solidifying itself as a brand that the world as a whole can’t live without. These services include online advertising and cloud computing, and Google has also moved into software and hardware niches as well.

Google is a powerhouse in the industry. It’s a brand that everyone knows and loves. It’s a brand that understands its audience and the industry that it’s in. As a result, it continues to grow and evolve and innovate.

Google has infiltrated our lives — both personally and professionally. You can’t go about your day without consulting Google, and neither can your business. And Google knows this. And Google uses this to its advantage.

Google integrates a lot of powerful technology into its products and services. But one of the things that helps Google stand out from the crowd is its stunning and eye-catching, clean logo design.

It’s a simple design with a twist that seems to capture the brand’s essence. And it’s creative reimaginings add to this depth and satisfaction.

The Google logo we see today came into being in 2015. But anytime there’s a holiday or special event, Google flexes its creative muscles and has some fun, creating iterations of its logo that match the theme of the day. This is an innovative and enthusiastic way to stay relevent, fresh and relatable. This gives the brand a personality. It gives the brand an approachability, but it’s powerful name can only be truly shown in its iconic form.

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Google Old Logo Design

The Google Logo Captures Users Through Bold Color And Simple Typography

The Google logo we see today was created in September of 2015, but there were many previous versions.

All versions of this logo took on a traditional wordmark design, but the first few logos included an exclamation point which, at the time, mimicked the logo of Yahoo which was their competitor in the search engine industry. But after a year, the logo changed to a more distinct, regal and modern logo that ditched the exclamation point and previous font, going with a Catull typeface that stayed with the wordmark until 2015.

Over these 15 years, the designs shifted slightly. The coloring in the logo changed a bit, with different shades of the iconic primary colors changing slightly. The orientation of the letters also shifted.

But in 2015, this three-dimensional logo design changed in a drastic way.

Google ditched the old font for a more geometric, flat and sans-serif font that really modernized the symbol as a whole. The colors got a little brighter, and the design got a lot cleaner.

The colors in the latest version are softer and more playful. They don’t shine, and there are no shadows adding depth. The logo still stands out with its use of primary colors, throwing in green to be a little different.

It’s a fun and sophisticated design, showing the brand’s true colors and personality. It’s a very innovative and technical looking design — there are sharp edges mixed with flowing lines. The color pops and adds a friendliness to the design that makes the brand relatable and easy to interact with.

This iteration is also highly responsive and shows that the brand understands the evolving world of design and how to thrive in it.

This logo is fresh and clean. It’s not just a generic wordmark, but a symbol of a service that is efficient, simple and easy to navigate.

Google Responsive Logo Design

Google’s Creative Emblem Is An Iconic Symbol Of Strength And Authority

The Google logo is fun, flirty and creative. Over the years, the style of this wordmark has changed. It went from a very clip art-like version to a flat, geometric word that stands strong and emanates power.

This logo design is crafty and clever. Colors used are primary colors, except for the green that pops and tells others that Google dares to be different. The font is strong and sleek, though equally a bit soft. It’s approachable and friendly and easy to use — which is exactly what Google wants users to think.

This responsive logo is appealing to consumers and is easy to recognize. There’s no mistaking it, and users are sure to instantly notice when it changes — which it often does. But it’s a classic symbol in its original form that is here to stay.

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