General Electric Iconic Logo Design

GE is a technology and financial services company that creates and produces products for the generation, transmission, distribution, control, and harnessing of electricity. GE employs 300,000 people in 174 countries and 3,500 businesses. They have produced 65,000 patents in 120 years.

General Electric is the 7th most powerful brand in the world. With a market cap of 261.2 Billion, GE is ranked 14th on the Forbes list of biggest public companies. The GE logo is remarkably unique.

In 2005, GE had their logo slightly redesigned the logo to reflect the brand's attributes of trustworthiness, leadership, dependability, innovation, approachability, and adaptation.

Wolff Olins, one of the most renowned logo designers on the market created the new mark. Olins helped GE simplify their 3,500 businesses into 11 market-orientated headings.

Two simple letters flow together inside a broader swirly blue mark that bends in at each navigational direction as if they are on a compass.

This can be interpreted as GE’s vision to move forward in every direction of the world with their innovative technological advancements. The swirly shape gifts the design with a feel of motion and fluidity, like electricity.

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The typeface used is called GE Inspira which is trademarked by the company.

The white lettering instills an aura of stability and confidence in investors and consumers across the world. 

Olins also created 14 colors that empowered GE to adapt their tone based on the product or industry. Six of which can be seen below:

General Electric Symbol Design

The result of Olins efforts?

GE could now pitch to different countries, using their new capacity to present unified solutions for customers.

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General Electric Timeless Logo Design

In 1985, their “Imagination Breakthroughs” campaign, inspired by Olins brand idea, added $25 billion in revenue across 100 countries.

GE was named “most admired company” for two consecutive years by Fortune. In addition, GE is the 7th most powerful brand in the world.

Olins knows logos. And this logo is timeless.

General Electric Logo Design

General Electric is an iconic logo design in the Banking & Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing and Technology industries.

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