Magic Leap Playful Logo Design

MagicLeap is going to make screens disappear.

Your computer screen. Your TV screen.


Watch Netflix. Anywhere. At any size.

Put the Mona Lisa on your ceiling.

Stick, yes, stick—the stock market ticker to your desk.

Check your email and your Instagram and the Laker’s score at the same time.

A mysterious expression lay on the faces of those who experience the MagicLeap’s mixed-reality headset for the first time.

Their words are mumbled. Their sentences are stammered.

They act as if they just seen a ghost.

The meaning of the logo is shrouded in secrecy as well.

World renowned designer Natasha Jen—partner at design firm Pentagram—led the creation of the updated logo which was released on September 28, 2017.

The leaper logo was transformed into a sophisticated, fun, and mysterious symbol.

To nail the design concept, the logo creation philosophy fell between the spectrum of “premium” and “playful.”

What is known is that it has significance to the founder of MagicLeap-Rony Abovitz.

The red figure is known as The Leaper. It sprouts two wings to its side. The color is #EA2340. The font color is #97999B.

The MagicLeap wordmark was created from scratch. The typography takes on a circular form that was inspired by The Leaper.

We see a rare glimpse into the design firm Pentagram’s initial shaping of the logo:

Magic Leap Symbol Design

The original logo concept is extremely rare and was obtained by Natasha’s team from MagicLeap:

Magic Leap Logo Design Evolution

After perilous research, Natasha discovered The Leaper character was seen throughout the pages of comic books as a robot, or organism with top facing eyes and two wings at the creature’s sides.

This symbol adorns the office walls, bringing whimsy into business at every turn. 


Magic Leap Logo Design

Every so often, a technology comes around that fundamentally changes the nature of how human beings share, create, experience and interact, with reality.

The iPhone changed our lives forever. It gave us a multi-touch screen, breakthrough internet communication device, that could make phone calls.

The world was never the same.

Google gifted culture with the ability to search all of the knowledge ever documented by human civilization instantaneously. Serving as a lightning rod for humans to share information and ideas.

The world was never the same.

Facebook connected 2 billion people on Earth and perfected the online social network. Serving as a lightening tower for humans to share information and ideas.

The world was never the same.

Prepare for departure.

Leave everything behind of any technology that emerged before this very moment.

We’re not in Kansas anymore.


Kansas, is about to become constructed via the magic trickery that MagicLeap bestows through your retinas via a headset that is going to eliminate what we know as a computer.

MagicLeap is on the verge of changing everything. Absolutely everything. The way you purchase clothes. The way you go to the store. The way you shop.

MagicLeap is about to change the way human beings experience life on Earth. Forever.

The first round of funding for Google was $100,000. Google is now worth $529.5 billion. Google is 19 years old.

The first round of funding for Facebook was $500,000. Facebook is now worth $40.3 billion. Facebook is 13 years old.

The first round of funding for MagicLeap was $50,000,000. MagicLeap is only 7 years old.

The magic hasn’t even begun. They have not even released their product yet.

The Logo and wordmark communicates the company founder’s history in comics, and design. It is visually captivating with a bright and promising vibrant and vivacious red and custom wordmark that is inspired by The Leaper character.

It symbolizes the mysterious and transformative unreleased product that leaves those who wear it in absolute and unbridled awe.

They are left with one realization: When this product is released, that thing that we call “our reality”—it will be changed. Forever. Until then, television is our reality - check out the best TV channel logo designs.

Magic Leap is a playful logo design in the Technology industry.