Wildflower Favours Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Custom floral illustration
  • Sophisticated script font
  • Nature-inspired color story

Bridget Designs has captured the beauty of nature in the logos for Wildflower Favours and its sister sites: Wildflower Weddings, Plantable Seed Paper, and Promotional Seed Packets.

Each logo features bespoke floral arrangement illustrations that resonate with the site's focus – from romantic wedding favors to eco-friendly corporate gifts.

The main logo showcases an elegant, horizontal floral arrangement, while the script typeface lends a personalized and high-quality feel to the brand’s presentation.

The coordinated design across all platforms ensures a seamless visual narrative. It reinforces the wildflower theme with tailored illustrations such as poppies for Wildflower Memories and forget-me-nots for more sentimental offerings.

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