Pro Display logo design

Pro Display Logo Design Consists Of Two On-Brand, Complementary Visual Elements

Pro Display is a manufacturer of store display racks and accessories from Jiangsu, China.

Their corporate and retail logo was designed by Design Hovie Studios, a graphic design and brand consulting service agency with headquarters in Montana and Washington, U.S.A.

The Pro Display logo design exhibits a good understanding of the brand’s target audience and market niche. Its overall aesthetics is made up of two individual design elements.

The first element on the logo’s left or top side, depending on the version, is a geometrical icon resembling a simple square, with its lines broken in two places. The lines may also be a part of P and D forms in the brand’s name, as its typeface uses the same design.

At the center of the icon is a boxy red dot.

The other element is the said brand name, Pro Display, in a distinctive, custom-made font that adopts the same boxy, highly angular look.

The overall result is a solid, symmetrical logo that uses only two colors to the maximum effect.

Pro Display logo

The Font In The Pro Display Logo Almost Resembles Pictograms

Pro Display’s font deserves a special mention with its contemporary and well-made looks, especially considering the brand’s market.

Store display racks imply order and method by association. They are sturdy and streamlined, a reliable solution for displaying goods and products so that consumers can notice them.

Pro Display’s font succeeds in aligning the brand’s visual identity with the product’s purpose. The typeface, with its sharp angles and straight lines, stands firm and rigid no matter the platform or media.

It could be argued that the logo’s typography is a very subtle nod to the Chinese alphabet. Although a far cry from this language’s intricate letters, the way each letter in the brand name stands as a part of a bigger whole does give off certain pictogram vibes.

This clever use of typography showcases how logo designers can draw inspiration from diverse cultural influences to create a visually captivating logo.

Pro Display Logo Supplies A Distinct Online & Offline Brand Identity

The most interesting part of the Pro Display logo design is the broken square with the red dot inside it. What makes it so effective is that it translates rather easily to different environments – especially digital ones.

As a part of their overall brand identity development for this client, Hovie has prepared several icon variations for different purposes, such as social media, favicon and merchandise.

One of them comes with a rounded black frame instead of a square. The use of negative space in the logo design becomes very obvious in this version: the space between the red dot and the black outline stops being a way to simply separate the two but instead takes on a defining role as the viewer’s attention shifts to it.

It’s the same way branding experts utilize negative space to emphasize certain elements and create visual intrigue.

The logo sits well atop any physical or digital platform, as evidenced on Pro Display’s website and its products.

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Pro Display logo design

Red Accents In Pro Display Logo Design Provide The All-Important X-Factor

While it may be unclear what the red dot in the middle of the logo represents, we can speculate that it is there to provide a slight refreshment from the logo’s overall blackness.

It complements the Chinese lettering, also in red, seen at the right of the word “Pro” and on top of the word “Display.”

Moreover, the Chinese letters may have been included to lend better symmetry to the logo and promote the company’s roots. No matter the reason, they surely add a nice touch to the overall design.

The red dot on the left and the red characters on the right create an excellent visual balance in the logo. When looking at the logo, the eyes are not drawn to either side. Instead, the vibrant accents on both sides keep the gaze centered on the logo in its entirety.

Pro Display Logo Design Is A Modern Fusion Of Visuals That Help Boost Brand Visibility

Hovie’s Pro Display logo design is different, cutting-edge and well-aligned with the brand’s purpose.

With both global and Asian markets overcrowded with companies offering similar services, it’s important to help Pro Display stand out with a well-defined visual identity.

A logo is the first and most important step towards a recognizable business. By having a memorable, uniquely designed logo, Pro Display is on a solid path towards better brand visibility and retention.

The Pro Display logo taps into the brand’s Chinese origins while being decidedly 21st century and beyond. It is for this, and all the other reasons outlined in this article, that we feel it deserves the DesignRush Best Design Award.

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