Absolut Vodka Gorgeous Packaging Design

Absolut Vodka. One of the most recognized and well-known vodkas on Earth. Absolut was first launched in New York. The year was 1979. The vodka is still created in the small town of Ahus, Sweden, to this very day.The iconic Absolut bottle has seen millions of parties and clubs and produced environments for outstanding amounts of nightlife fun.

Design company Amore created the new Absolut gift pack system that is simply ravishing. Their mission included two goals: a structural design showcasing the iconic bottle and packaging that emulated a kaleidoscope of party lights.

Absolut Vodka Awesome Packaging Design

This is packaging design that encompasses the energy of those unexpected nights. The nights that we will never forget. Or sometimes, the nights we faintly remember.

This is a spirit that deserves packaging design that stands out. Packaging design that sets it apart in the cluttered world of spirits.

Absolut Vodka Clean Packaging Design

Different flavors are highlighted by appropriate color splashes. Rasperri with raspberry color. Citron with yellow. Mandarin with orange. The packaging is sturdy and contains a high-quality box material. It elevates the brand with an elitist design that communicates high value and high status.

This is a box that deserves to be handled with care and the quality allows it to be handed over without gift wrap. The box itself is all the wrapping that is needed. It is a work of art and can sit on the most elegant of bars or kitchen counters and add sophistication.

Absolut Vodka Packaging Design

Amore set the tone of the party that Absolut always delivers. From Berlin to the bustling sanctuary of Shanghai, from Borlange to the legendary party nights of New Orleans, this packaging design communicates one core message: This is the perfect gift to get the party started.

Absolut Vodka is a modern packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.