Amado by Hyatt Stunning Packaging Design

Amado's Packaging Design Uses Captivating Colors That Showcase The Romantic Mexican Roots Of This Bakery

Anagrama, a Mexican design agency, created a bright, unique and eye-catching visual identity and branding concept for “Amado” by Hyatt— a Mexican artisan bakery and candy boutique that opened in its hotel lobby in Mexico City.

The bakery stands out from the rest thanks to its innovative baked goods and candy products which incorporate exciting flavors, colors and textures — these help them stand out from the competition in a creative and captivating way.

And the packaging for these products is equally thought-provoking and bold, grabbing attention and creating a sense of curiosity and wonder almost immediately.

For this design, Anagrama takes modern and contemporary direction by using a clean design based on geometric shapes with minimum pattern usage and vibrant colors. According to the agency, they wanted to, “develop a concept of artisan Mexican pastry shop with a sophisticated style and far away from the Mexican cliché.”

This packaging is an unusual approach for a bakery, particularly because it isn’t transparent and doesn't rely on showcasing the foods inside. Moreover, the bright color combinations are eye-catching and bold. The dominant color is teal, which is paired with either hot pink, lime yellow, or vibrant violet. The color palette aligns the product with a more youthful demographic thanks to the brightness of the colors.

These colors combine traditional Mexican colors but put a creative spin on them in their vibrancy and dynamic elegance. These colors are bold and in your face. They are deeply rooted in Mexican heritage but don’t bash you over the head with their legacy and importance.

It’s a very modern take on a classic culture and gives these products and the bakery brand as a whole a very chic and avant-garde personality that makes consumers want to interact, taste and buy. It’s the perfect packaging for a modern bakery — especially one situated inside a high-end hotel and resort.

Amado by Hyatt Awesome Packaging Design

The Packaging Incorporates Geometric Lines & Bright Foiling To Give The Bakery A Modern Edge

There was a lot of thought put into these designs, and a wide range of influences integrated that elevate this packaging tenfold. It's obvious from the start that the agency was very particular inside and out.

And in addition to this, the creative director at Anagram noted that it was important to stray away from cliches while still maintaining a credibility that comes from the deeply rooted Mexican influences.

And that is very evident throughout this packaging. It starts with the bold and almost harsh colors that dance along the packages in pinks, greens, blues and more. And it continues with the geometric patterns and dazzling silver foiling that adds another layer of depth and excitement to these designs as a whole.

In addition to those exciting colors you see at first glance, each box has its own geometric pattern in silver foil. This nice touch creates a high-end and flashy feel. But the geometric shaping is also evident through the color usage. These colors are dissected in very linear, angular shapes. Sharp lines cut across these boxes and differentiate the colors to add depth and substance to the two-dimensional surfaces. It brings an effervescence and a personality to this packaging that fills consumers with excitement.

As if the delicious chocolate inside wasn’t enough!

But there is something to be said about the futuristic looking circle, zig-zag and square patterns that are created using the shiny silver foil. This adds a texture that makes consumers want to reach out and touch. And they add another level on top of the layers already present from the color and shaping.

These products look like presents that need to be carefully opened and devoured. They are luxurious and fun and playful. And they capture an essence that gives the brand a prestige that goes back years.

Amado by Hyatt Colorful Packaging Design

The Amado Logo Takes Center Stage To Add Sophistication And Elegance

The Amado brand name packs a punch, and it comes with its own story. The creatives at the agency understood this and decided to put it on clear display with the use of a bold, authoritative and blunt logo design.

Here is a snippet from the agency:

The naming was inspired by the pursuit of grand Mexican creative minds that could identify themselves with the brand’s essence and its products. Amado by Hyatt strives to bring together both the romantic and classic spirits of Amado Nervo’s poetry and the modernist style of Mexican architect Luis Barragán. Our branding proposal takes the two iconic Mexican minds and their fellow characteristics to create a visual solution that takes the fine art of traditional artisan bakery to a new contrasting level of modernism that guarantees the brand to stand out among others. The intention was to avoid falling into typical Mexican clichés. Instead, it creates a sophisticated idea in which the graphic sense translates the visual language from the XVIII century into a contemporary innovative solution that is based on a vivid color palette and novel printing finishes.

As a result, this design places a heavy concentration on the logo and tagline; this is achieved by placing the logo wordmark elements on a white background that has plenty of breathing room.

The brand name is bold and strong, standing at attention in a regal, serif font. There are prestige and luxury within this logo. And its simple, proud and declarative nature ensures that it will be seen by all.

This gives the brand a powerful backbone. It shows consumers that it can be trusted and is reliable. It’s a subtle addition, but the bold use of the logo here solidifies this brand as one that makes a statement in every way that it can.

Amado by Hyatt Bold Packaging Design

Passport Stamps Atop The Package Designs Give These Baked Goods A Well-Travelled And Luxurious Edge

There is another, subtle element of this design that is almost imperceptible at first glance. But once you dive a little deeper, you notice it and feel a sense of curiosity and wonder fill you. And that comes from the clever stamps that sit on these designs like a final statement of prestige and excellence.

These stamps take on the form of passport stamps, with oval-shaped and square-shaped passport markings adding a worldly and sophisticated element that makes these products look more like prized gifts than anything else.

They also add authenticity and a heritage — they are old and fading. They give the products an edge of experience. These products, these chocolates and baked goods, have seen things. They’ve been places.

And it also falls in line with the bakery’s placement — inside of a hotel and resort. There are people from all across the world coming to this destination and coming into contact with these goods. And this tantalizes them even further.

There are many elements here, but this stamp is the proverbial icing on the cake, tying everything together in a neatly wrapped bow that consumers should open up and indulge in, to their heart’s content.

Amado by Hyatt Packaging Design

The Mix Of Modernity And Tradition In Amado’s Packaging Designs

Here is how the Amado bakery describes itself:

Amado is an artisanal bakery and candy shop creating rustic breads and delicate pastries from traditional Mexican and European recipes. Enjoy a variety of croissants, muffins, tarts, baguettes, and rolls, or explore Amado’s selection of traditional Mexican chocolates and candies right here at Hyatt Regency Mexico City.

It’s a prestigious bakery seeped heavily in Mexican history and heritage — and that makes sense considering its location. But its packaging far surpasses the traditional packaging used for bakeries — whether they’re in a popular tourist destination or not.

And these packages certainly stand out from the crowd.

This comes from the vibrant and daring colors used. These call back to the brand’s Mexican roots and celebrate its culture in a refined and subtle way. But these colors also innately grab your attention and catch your interest. They are hard to ignore and innately make you feel happy and enthusiastic.

In addition to the color are the shapes and lines used. There are a lot of sharp lines and angles. These packages are geometric in nature, with colors broken up in very linear ways. This angular quality is also seen through the use of silver foil.

The silver foil sits haphazardly on these boxes. It creates a variety of patterns using repeated shapes to add another layer and burst from the two-dimensional surface of the packaging.

A subtle passport stamp adds sophistication and worldliness but the main focal point is the bold and regal logo design that gives the brand an authority that is resolute and strong.

All of these elements combine to create a design that is impeccable and smart. This bakery certainly looks like no other and aligns the brand as one that thinks outside of the box. And that’s a good thing, especially in a tourist-heavy destination.

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